Rory's Story Cubes MAX

Rory's Story Cubes MAX

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Rory’s Story Cubes MAX are the perfect storytelling cubes if you will be using them with a large group of people. These are a giant sized version of the original storytelling cubes and at Baba Me we think they are perfect for larger groups or those with visual impairments. This set would also work well with younger children as the images are obviously bigger too. This set comes with all the awesome images on the original sets including a letter, question mark, face masks, the moon, lightning bolt, a turtle, a clock and a sheep. Or maybe you’ll see the images as something else!

Suitable from ages 6 plus or earlier with adult supervision. The Baba Me Team have used them with kids aged 18 months and up. There are 9 in every pack and they are 30mm, each with 6 unique embossed images. 

Rory’s Story Cubes joined the Baba Me Family in January 2017. We have loved this lovely Irish brand for years and now is the perfect time for them to join us!

The fabulous story telling cubes started out back in 2004 as an idea for trainers, therapists and to promote creative writing. The idea quickly took hold and after a few developments grew to be the Rory’s Story Cubes we know and love today.

There are no rules for playing with these amazing ceramic dice. You can roll them all together and tell a story in sequence or just roll a few and go from there. At Baba Me we tend to use a few dice with younger kids and let things develop from there. The images are cut into the dice and highlighted in colour. They feel lovely in hand, smooth and therapeutic. When you are holding them and looking at the image they are compelling you to tell a story! Really they are, try it!

Rory’s Story Cubes will encourage listening and speaking skills, will give you a mental workout (a gentle one!) will improve problem solving as you try and link images together. Let the pictures guide you. And remember, humans think in pictures, not words!

These storytelling cubes are for adults too! Don’t think they are just a kid’s toy. Everyone can develop their story telling skills and these skills will gently ease you into a world of make believe. So start with a simple ‘Once Upon a Time’ and go from there. Where will these storytelling cubes take you? They are great to have on the shelf as a party game or ice-breakers with a group. The perfect size to keep as a changing bag toy, the perfect travel toy for cars & planes and a wonderful gift for all ages.

Check out National Storytelling week for more ideas on how to amaze your kids with awesome Fairytales and share how you use your on our Facebook group!

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