Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom

Sakura Bloom baby slings are crafted of only the world's finest all natural fibers: soft Irish linens, lush dupioni silks, and rare, wild silks. Each sling is made with care in Massachusetts, USA.

modern 21st century parenting
At Sakura Bloom, we have reinvented tradition to fit your lifestyle.  Stylish and convenient.  Beautiful fabrics paired with the clean lines of modern design.  Parents need to have their hands free, but they’ve never looked quite this good doing so.  Our update on the baby sling infuses a classic design with a modern sensibility.  With a Sakura Bloom sling, there is almost nothing you and your baby can’t do.  Walking city blocks.  Browsing farmers’ markets.  Sending email, baking brownies, and feeding baby.  All at the same time.  At home, in town, while traveling, a Sakura Bloom sling combines function with fashion, enabling you to parent in your own way while allowing your child to be an active part of the world around him.  Why compromise your style once you become a parent?  Instead, make a sling part of your parenting style.

natural design + textiles

Some fabrics demand beautiful design.  Silk is one of them: a textile treasured around the world for its beauty, durability, and drape.  Sakura Bloom slings rise to the challenge, matching textile and design such that each sling is a wearable work of art.  The colors of nature—the shocking pink of hibiscus, the deep brown of pure cacao, the blue-greens of turquoise and jade—inspire Sakura Bloom slings.  Each sling celebrates the natural variation and unique weaves of dupioni silk.  Soft and gorgeous, fully reversible and fully washable, you and your baby deserve one of our silk slings.  Or perhaps two or three of them.

simple baby slings
Parents have always carried their children.  In their arms, on their shoulders, wrapped onto their body with a simple piece of cloth, in front packs or back packs, in slings slung over one shoulder or two.  Parents around the world know the secrets of baby carriers.  They calm children.  They provide babies with a safe environment for encountering the world.  They help with baby’s emotional, physical, and social development.  They allow you to get work done.  They make both of you happy.  We love the benefits, the simplicity, and the joy of using a baby sling with your child.  There is a global resurgence in baby carriers underway and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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