TULA Ergonomic Carrier is a soft structured carrier designed to support bond between a child and an active parent. The panel of our carrier was designed to hug around the child’s back and to provide support for the child’s developing spine. Soft structured Tula carrier offers the convenience of buckles yet is vastly different from framed backpacks as it holds the baby securely against the wearer's body. Unlike framed backpacks, Tula carrier is suitable from birth (if used with an infant insert)  through toddlerhood and provides the benefits of body-to-body contact for the baby. Tula Baby Carrier is an ultimate baby carrier. You will not need anything else, as you can use this from birth all the way till at least 4 year old. Tula Carrier is compatible with the Tula Infant Insert and with the Tula “Free to Grow” toddler extensions. Tula Infant Insert allows wearing infants from 3.5 kg. The Tula "Free to Grow" extensions attach to the panel of the carrier and allow you to comfortably wear your older children. The unique construction of our carriers reduces the weight from the shoulders and distributes it to the hip area of the parent. Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier uses only 100% cotton and complies with the European Norm EN 13209- 2:2006.

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Tula Baby Carrier is hand made in our own factory in Poland. We do not outsource manufacturing of the products, therefore we have a full control on the quality of everything we make. We do not use assembly lines! Each product is truly made by hand by one person from the beginning to the end. Our seamstresses are getting paid hourly, as we want them to work relaxed and we want to prevent defected products, which could occur with time pressure. 
Each carrier is inspected by our quality assurance manager before packing in the box and shipping. 
It is one of the simplest carriers in the market. We want everyone to intuitively be able to put the carrier on and enjoy the benefits of wearing a baby.   

Our philosophy:

We love baby wearing and all it has to offer. It’s practical for the parent, it has amazing benefits for the baby and it feels so good to have your baby snuggle in close! 
Babywearing isn't a trend, it is also not a skill you need to learn. Every parent should follow his natural instincts. 
We do not support criticism and looking down for parents for the type of a wrap or carrier they chose to use. We believe that every parent tries to make the best decision and the best choice for his baby. 
Have an amazing experience discovering all the benefits of having your child close and your hands free to do as you please. 
Every one of you means so much to us. 
Talk to us! We love to hear from you.
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