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Earn Baba Me Points On Any Purchase

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Earning Fluff Points

250 Points
  • When a customer you refer makes their first purchase
100 Points
  • When you sign up to our site & mailing list
10 Points
  • For writing a product review
  • For following on twitter
3 Points
  • For every £1 spent

What you can do with your points

Cashing in your fluff points is a super easy!. After you've registered with us, you'll receive 100 fluff points right straight away to put towards your first purchase. Each point is worth 1p, so we're giving you £1 off just for signing up. If you want to earn more points, it's easy to do by simply following any of the steps listed above. If you are ready to cash in your points, there are no hoops to jump through. When you go to check out, click the box at the side and points in your account will automatically be discounted in your cart. Or you can save them for a rainy day.. Put those points towards anything listed on any of our sites! Thats right, points earned on either www.babame.com, www.fluffheaven.com, www.babatoys.com or www.slingheaven.com can be used across any of our other website., some restrictions such as pre-orders and certain promotional periods may apply. Points expire after one year, so make sure you remember to use them. Best of all, there is no minimum purchase and there is no maximum limit on how many points you can redeem in a single purchase. It's just our way of making your shopping experience here a little more fluffy!


The Baba Me Points Reward programme is promoted and operated by Baba Me Newry Ltd.

You will automatically become a member of the Baba Me Points Reward Programme when you order from Baba Me website. No purchases from other groups companies are included in the Baba Me Points Reward Programme. Any credits to one account will result in an equal and opposite debit to the other account. This is a manual process and done by request only.

You earn Baba Me Points for every purchase on the Baba Me website, excluding Gift Vouchers or Postage and Packaging. Any returns or credits offered will be deducted from your Baba Me balance. You can also earn Baba Me Points by reviewing items. From time to time the way we award Baba Me Points may change without notice.

From time to time, we will make special offers which award you additional Baba Me Points. Separate Terms and Conditions will apply to these special offers which we will make available to you at the time the offer is made. Offers of bonuses may be withdrawn at any time.

For each £1.00 spent 3 Fluff Points will be awarded (excluding any P&P charges). A Baba Me Point is worth 1p.

No cash alternative available.

Baba Me Points are valid for 1 year.

The Baba Me Points Reward is an optional programme offered by Baba Me Newry Ltd, and may be withdrawn at any time or subject to change at any time.

The Baba Me Points Reward value may be revalued at any time with 3 days notice, as detailed here.

If we have reasonable grounds for believing that you have acted unlawfully in obtaining or redeeming your Baba MePoints we may terminate your Baba Me Points with immediate effect, our decision is final.