10 Reasons Why Chocolate Matters

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Chocolate is an everyday commodity for many of us and for plenty of people would be considered pretty essential on their weekly shopping list. There are shelves full of it in every supermarket and corner shop in the country and we can but it from vending machines even when the shops are closed.

But not all chocolate is created equal. Choosing an ethical chocolate isn’t about the packaging or even the taste. It’s about where the ingredients to make that chocolate come from in particular the cocoa. Where the money you are spending goes. And how the choice you make when you buy it affects people and places on the other side of the world.

Modern slavery exists. We can deny it or choose not to think about it but that doesn’t stop it from being true. Children are forced to work in cacao plantations when they should be at school and hardworking farmers are exploited with prices or wages that do not allow them to provide for their basic needs. This is exploitation. And yet we have a choice whether to be part of this exploitation or not every time we buy chocolate and other cocoa products.

10 Reasons Why Switching to an Ethical Chocolate Matters

Fair trade and ethical chocolatiers buy their cocoa directly from small farmers and cooperatives rather than large plantations or exploitative middle men. This means:

  1. Farmers are paid a fair price for their product. For chocolate to be considered fair trade farmers must receive a minimum price for their chocolate.
  2. This means they can afford to feed and educate their children.
  3. Fair trade prices are also stable prices that allow farmers and communities to plan for the future.
  4. They can also afford to invest in their communities.
  5. Fair trade also provides a fair trade premium to support communities.
  6. There is no forced child labour like there is in many plantations.
  7. Ethically sourced cocoa also focuses on sustainable practices making it better for the planet.
  8. Young people are not going into cocoa farming as they don’t feel it’s worth it, meaning buying ethically now could ensure you can still eat chocolate in the future.
  9. Ethical chocolate isn’t just about the cocoa. Ethical chocolatiers will also be thinking about their other ingredients and their packaging.
  10. When you buy ethical chocolate you can genuinely feel good about eating it with no bitter taste in your mouth unless that super dark, bittersweet flavour comes from the cocoa itself.

Making ethical buying decisions is one of the simplest things we can do to make an impact both in our own communities and in communities around the world.


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