1st Birthday Gifts for Girls and Boys

toys for 1 year old

What's the best gift for a 1st Birthday?

Choosing the perfect 1st birthday gifts is never easy, and of course, you want to get it right, especially for someone so little. Hopefully, our toys for 1-year-olds will give you a few ideas.

If you are buying a gift for your own 1-year-old then you are not just buying them a gift, you are buying something to celebrate being a parent for a whole year. You probably want them to love the toy instantly, play with it often and get maximum developmental value from whatever you choose.

If you are buying for someone else's child you not only want the child to love it, you want their parents to love it too. You might love open-ended wooden toys but not everyone gets them right?

Heirloom gifts for a 1st birthday

Celebrating babies 1st year with an heirloom gift can be a wonderful way to mark the occasion. (They make great Christening gifts as well). These are toys that can be loved and played with for years to come and even kept for their own children and grandchildren.

Open-ended wooden toys like the Grimms rainbows and other stacking toys or building blocks are great examples of this, as are toys like a wobble board (that will be loved by everyone, for years and years).

If you can afford it a wooden ark makes the most amazing first birthday, christening or Christmas gift, and you can add to the animal collection over time. Wooden animals are fun to hold, explore and chew on when you are one and will be enjoyed in ever more complicated ways as the child grows. They are also a hit with any older siblings, and toys that can be played with by a variety of ages always make popular gifts.

Traditional gifts for 1 year olds

Sometimes you really can't go wrong with a traditional gift. The toys that have changed very little since our grandparents were small and are still loved by children everywhere.

For 1-year-olds these traditional style gifts include sorting toys, stacking toys, building blocks, vehicles and dolls. Sometimes you don't need to reinvent the wheel.

Sorting toys, blocks and stacking toys come in all shapes and sizes and for all budgets.

Depending on your budget we love Rubens barn dolls and think they make fabulous 1st birthday gifts, especially if you can get a pram to go with it that will act as a walker while they are finding their feet.

When it comes to vehicles we really love Indigo Jamm. They are perfect for toddlers and have a really lovely retro look to them that both parents and children adore.

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