5 Beard Product Ingredients to Avoid

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Beard products are important for beard grooming and maintenance. Each of these products are formulated and designed to keep your beard healthy, clean and smell fresh. However some of these products may contain ingredients that do more harm than good to your beard.

So here’s a list of 5 ingredients that you should lookout for and avoid when buying any beard products.

Sulfates in Beard Products

Sulfates are commonly found in soaps, shampoos and other cleansing products. This ingredient is added to these products to create a lather that Does a pretty good job at removing grime, dirt and oil in most cases. However it also strips away moisture and natural oils in the process.

You would definitely want to stay away from any beard products that contain sulfates especially if you have dry beard or have sensitive skin. When your beard loses its moisture it becomes brittle and itchy.

Many people believe that prolonged exposure to sulfates could lead to irritation of the skin and eyes. Moreover, sulfates are not the most eco-friendly ingredient. Production of sulfates often produces toxic by-products that are then washed down in bodies of water. Not to mention, that animals are used to test the levels of sulfates in some products before it causes problems and irritations.

Isopropyl Alcohol in Beard Products

Much like sulfates, isopropyl alcohol is also added in most personal care products like shampoos. It is used to make sure the product remains stable and smells as intended. It is also used to spread out fragrances and scents that are normally added to these products.

However, isopropyl alcohol also removes your beard’s natural oil and moisture leaving it dry and brittle which could then lead to itchy beard. Having a beard is already itchy as it is for some people so if you’re one of these guys, just stay away from beard products that contain isopropyl alcohol.

Phthalates in Beard Products

Phthalates are substances that are known as plasticizers. Plasticizers are added to plastic to make it more flexible and durable. They are commonly found in many plastic products like plastic toys, food containers, water bottles and more.

Phthalates have been used in personal care and grooming products for varying purposes. They are used either as a solvent or a bonding-agent. Many studies have shown that phthalates are dangerous to human health. These substances are considered hormone disruptors which means they are capable of interfering with our body’s hormones.

So when buying beard products, be on the lookout for any of these ingredients - diethyl phthalate (DEP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and dimethyl phthalate (DMP).

Mineral Oils in Beard Products

Mineral oils are cheap moisturising ingredients which are byproducts of gasoline production. They are used in hair products because of their ability to lock in moisture which helps prevent dry scalp and hair.

While there is no conclusive study that exists proving the dangers of mineral oils to our health, you should avoid products containing these ingredients if you’re already using a beard oil. Mineral oil creates a barrier that prevents nutrients, natural oils and other ingredients from entering your beard hair. Additionally, some people may experience allergic reactions and irritations when exposed to mineral oil.


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