5 Best Reusable Food Containers

5 best reusable food containers

Our world is littered with single-use plastic and it is about time that we need to change our lifestyle if we want to save our planet from total destruction. One of the best ways to reduce usage of single-use plastic is using reusable food containers. Reusable food containers are eco-friendly because you can wash them and use them again. So let’s take a look at our 5 picks of the best reusable food containers.

U-Konserve Round Medium Container Lime

This is the perfect eco-friendly food container for your healthy food like fruit salads, cut veggies, crackers, pastas and more. You can also use this food container to store any leftovers before putting them in the fridge. Ideal alternative to plastic food containers that might contain BPA and other toxic chemicals.

A very versatile food storage container that you can use to bring food to school, office, camping and picnic. This food container features a round shape to save storage space, leak-resistant lid to keep food fresh and delicious and very easy to clean.

A Slice Of Green Buruni Leak Resistant Two Tier Lunch Box

Enjoy a healthy picnic or lunch at work with this fantastic two-tier lunch box from A Slice of Green. It features a two-tier design which allows you to separate your favourite foods to keep them from mixing together. Although the container is suitable for wetter foods like dips and dressed salads, it is not recommended for use for liquid foods like soups. The bottom tier box is designed for carrying dry foods like sandwiches and biscuits because it is not sealed. The top box has a seal and is leak-resistant.

Klean Kanteen 236ml Vacuum Insulated Canister Food Flask

If you want to enjoy a hot soup or broth at work, consider getting one of Klean Kanteen’s insulated canister food flask. It features double wall vacuum insulation to keep your food hot or cold for up to 5 hours. This food flask has a large opening making it easy to fill and you can even eat straight from it. It also has sturdy construction, shatter-proof and airtight. Perfect food flask if you want to send hot meals to school with your kid. One of the best highly insulated food flasks on the market.

U-Konserve Round Medium Container Clear

This amazing round container from U-Konserver features a clear silicone lid which allows you to see what’s inside without opening it. The easy to open lid is also leak-resistant. Ideal food container for bringing cut veggies, fruits, sandwiches and home-baked cookies to work, picnics, school and outdoor adventures. You can also use this food container for your leftovers, reducing your single-use plastics.

A Slice Of Green Kadapa Set Of Three Containers

This food container set comes in a set of threes and features smooth rounded edges and stainless steel lids. Perfect replacement for your plastic food containers if you want to enjoy plastic-free lunches at work and if you want to reduce your usage of single-use plastic. If you are not using these food containers, you can put them neatly inside each other which is good for saving space. The lids on all three food containers do not have a seal so make sure not to use them on wet foods like dressed salads especially soup and broth.


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