About Baba Me

Welcome to Baba Me! Thank you for caring so much about our business that you want to learn all about us & how we started! Our story is one that I am very proud of. My name is Maebh and I am a proud Mom of four children – Seamus, Aine, Tiarnan & Feidhelm. I am a proud wife to my wonderful husband Pete, who has put up with my many notions over the years always with a smile on his face, well at least that’s the way I’ve seen it!

It always seems odd to write down how Baba Me grew to what it is today as the journey to here began over 25 years ago. That is when slings and baby carriers first entered my world. Cloth nappies came a little later, but they first arrived in my family 20 years ago! Washing, hassle, extra hassle and more hassle were all the things that sprung to mind before I actually held a cloth nappy in my hand, washed it, folded it and realised that these things really weren’t any hassle at all. I figured if I could handle using cloth nappies, than anyone could! 

Pete & me on our wedding day, the new Baba Me shop &Pete carrying our youngest son Feidhelm in a ring sling!

I started selling cloth nappies at local farmers markets in Ireland 5 years later when I was pregnant with my third baby. It was April 2003 when I opened a little shop called The Natural Baby Resource at that same farmers where I first went on a cold Irish day with a bag full of cloth nappies. I had a small amount of baby carriers and slings. I had a huge amount of passion as I believed in everything that I was selling so much. I got such a positive reaction that in October of that year The Natural Baby Resource became an online store! We had a lovely range of baby carriers, cloth nappies, traditional wooden toys & a range of natural parenting and eco home items. Fast forward a little bit to a name change to the now much loved Baba Me, and since 2009 we have been selling environmentally conscious and family friendly products to Ireland, the UK and quite often much further away!

We opened our first bricks and mortar shop in 2009. In 2016 after much planning, decision making and hours of thought we opened a huge new shop. Previously people had come to visit us but I always felt we had more of a warehouse feel than a shop feel. Not anymore! Our new shop is jam packed from floor to ceiling with Wooden Toys, Cloth Nappies, Baby Carriers, Reusable products for Moms & Home plus some Stainless Steel Kitchenware!

I like to be an expert in everything I do. I am a Certified Babywearing Consultant with Trageschule UK, I am a Baby Carrying consultant with Slingababy and in 2016 I set up Baby Carrier Training with two of my friends providing our own training and peer supporter courses to Moms and Dads to better help others. When you shop at Baba Me, you can have confidence knowing we really do know our stuff. 10 of my staff have also completed training and are now fully trained Baby Wearing Consultants. I think it’s important for everyone to be confident when someone comes into our shop needing advice.

We have had different ranges over the years and in 2016, with the opening of our brand new shop, we finally found space on our shelves to stock and display everything that had been in boxes for easy picking in the warehouse or that I’d never got round to ordering before. We have a HUGE range of Wooden Toys, did you know we are The Largest Wooden Toy Shop in the UK and Ireland? Wooden Animals, Wooden Vehicles, Wooden Doll Houses, Wooden Kitchens, Wooden Pirate Ships, Wooden Early Learning Toys, Wooden Princess Castles and Wooden Trains – we have it all! Really, come and visit and see for yourself.

We also have an amazing range of Cloth Nappies, Baby Slings & Carriers, Eco Home products like Stainless Steel Bottles, Beeswax Wraps, Reusable Wipes, Cloth Sanitary Products, Baby Changing Bags, Newborn Toys & much more! We also have a wonderful range of own brand products which we sell under the brand Danu. We have huge things coming in 2018 from Danu! We love hearing suggestions from our customers on the products we stock. Every single item we sell has been hand-picked by me or a member of staff as they are products we know and love. We only sell what we know has worked for us, our family and our friends.

There is one little extra thing I would like to share with you about the Baba Me store. Our shop is Autism friendly. I know that loads of people throw that word around nowadays but our shop really is perfect for children who may experience sensory overload. It was designed in consultation with parents whose children have Autism Spectrum Disorder and although a lot of you may not know this, one of my friends who also works with me is Autistic. There is gentle lighting running down the middle of the shop so if you let us know when you arrive that you or your child could do with some quiet time then we can turn off all other lights in our store, close warehouse doors to reduce noise, turn off any radios & temporarily stop staff from picking orders so you can browse in peace and quiet.

We are here to offer advice and help at every step of the way. We always do our best to go above and beyond in every way we can. Ask us about anything we stock, we will know every little feature! The ethos of Baba Me has always been about making alternative, ethically conscious and family friendly products available to every day parents like you – we strive to do this every day in our work.

Thank you for being part of our story.

Maebh x