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Artisans Fair Decorated Woven Runner
Artisans Fair Decorated Woven Runner

Artisans Fair Decorated Woven Runner

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Based in the beautiful hills of Swaziland, hundreds of women can be found weaving together the strands of ancestral knowledge with current cultural influences. Re-thinking and transforming craft, the result is soulful hand-woven work that takes traditional weaves into a contemporary context.

This set of table runner is handwoven by women in eSwatini's most remote areas, and designed with the natural colours of eSwatini's landscape and the bright colours of the country's heritage in mind. Women in the mountains in eSwatini have been weaving with the wild lutindzi grass for generations, and since the 1970s Gone Rural has blossomed from a local women's empowerment project to be a global leader in igniting social change through creativity. But despite all this world-changing stuff, it's still the local women who are at the heart of every piece.

  • Lutindzi grass and sisal fibre
  • Eco-friendly dyes
  • L150cm x W32cm

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