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Artisans Fair Phoenician Sea Mist Tumbler
Artisans Fair Phoenician Sea Mist Tumbler

Artisans Fair Phoenician Sea Mist Tumbler

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An instant conversation-starter, this mouth-blown glass tumbler is handmade with recycled glass by artisans at one of only 2 glass blowing factories left in Hebron, Palestine. Each tactile short glass has its own personality, marble pattern, and matt finish. Each colourscape is based on an expressive wash of pale greens - like the mist over the sea, or low cloud over moorland. It's taken over 30 years to perfect these colour combinations, how incredible is that?

The creation of Hebron glass dates back to the 14th century. It's a tradition that's been passed down for generations along the west bank, each glassworker learning the art of Phoenician glass from revered master craftsmen. This ancient glass-blowing tradition almost disappeared, but the glassworkers at Hebron Glass have revived it, using recycled glass to create glass that fuses together ancient and contemporary art. 

This handcrafted glass tumbler is perfect for drinking from or using as a candle holder. Drop a tea light inside and see how the light flickers against the waves of the sea. One of these might become your new family heirloom (they make unforgettable wedding gifts too).

Recycled glass H11cm x top D6.5cm x W9cm (sizing will vary up to 1cm)

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