Bajo Fractions Box
Bajo Fractions box

Bajo Fractions Box

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Bajo Fractions Box

The wooden fractions set by Bajo is a fun way of helping your child to understand fractions. The set comes in a beautiful, natural wooden box that is 2-sided. On each side are 5 sets of wooden cylindrical blocks that in total represent fractions from one whole to 1/10th.

Fractions can be a tricky concept, however this set allows a child to physically see the relationship between a whole and its many parts. Because each fraction set is coloured differently, the child is encouraged to self correct – they will be able to appreciate the fact that for each colour (and size), there are a certain number of blocks that will make up the same height as the whole.

For the younger child, the use of this set will initially be more of an exercise in block stacking and will certainly assist with counting, fine motor skills and importantly, visualisation and spatial skills. As the child progresses, they can explore the relationships between the individual fractions – how many 1/9ths in 1/3 etc.

Size: Box size is approx 19.5 x 20.5 x 9 cm.

Recommended age: 3 years +

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