It is that time of the year again - we are heading into summer and that can only mean one thing: Father's Day is looming and with it the yearly question of what to get? Often a dad has already everything they want or need and it isn't an easy task for his family to find that one perfect Father's Day Gift that says "We love you, Dad!" like no other. In past years I ended up doing a last minute dash to the shop to pick up a T-Shirt or a random shower gel, he pretended to like - this year, however, I know Baba Me has got me covered with lots and lots of Father's Day Gift ideas that I know he will love and actually use with a smile on his face! What's more, I also know that when ordering from Baba Me I support a small family business that shares my values of ethically produced goods that are not just eco-friendly and sustainable but also fairly traded.

So here they are, my favourite 6 favourite unique gifts for dad!

Gift ideas for Dad 1: Hot coffee and tea ALL day long!

Parents all around the world know how difficult it is sometimes to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in peace. Usually, we are interrupted many a time by our kids or other things that require our attention. The result: Cold coffee! Thankfully there is a very easy and even eco-friendly solution to this, the reusable insulated U-Konserve coffee cup. This means dad has not just his favourite hot beverage all day long, but also saves the planet by avoiding disposable take away cups. If you like you can combine the cup with some speciality coffee or fair trade tea. For all the coffee and tea loving dads out there - this is the perfect gift that will keep on giving and remind him of just how much his kids love him everywhere he goes! Just make sure, he will actually return the favour for Mother's Day next year :)

 fathers day gifts bamboo socks

Gift ideas for Dad 2: The most comfortable socks in the world!

A pair of socks is commonly known as the gift of the desperate - how wrong! Especially in the case of the Bamboo Socks from Thought Clothing, as they are easily one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. I have recently got two pairs myself and can honestly say that I never knew how uncomfortable my regular socks were before I tried these. They are so thick, soft and lush while still being breathable and cooling when they need to be. Plus, their designs are just gorgeous. For men you can choose between classy stripes, aeroplanes and bicycles or just get them all - once Dad's feet have felt the luxury of these longlasting and durable bamboo socks, he will not want to wear anything else on his feet anymore!

 fathers day gifts men toiletries

Gift ideas for Dad 3: Pamper day for him!

Make Dad's special day even more special by giving him a few hours to himself in order to give himself the pampering he deserves. You just need to take the kids and give him time - Baba Me will take care of the rest. Start off with a Wild Olive bath teabag - especially popular with men are the Seaspray, Driftwood & Silver tea bag as well as the Lemon, May Chang & Green Tea Bag. If your kid's father suffers from a bad back or some sore muscles, why not give him some relief with some Jones the Bones Bath Salts or the Eco Bath London - Epsom Salts MUSCLE. For that extra bit of pampering the Sosar Wild Man Mud Mask has proven popular with a lot of male Baba Me customers, it will leave Dad's skin feeling fresh and moisturiser. If the man in your life has a beard he might also appreciate some Smokey Jones or Trevarno Beard Oil as well as some nourishing Beard Balm or Moustache Wax. Or instead, let him finish off his pampering day with a shave - the Airmid Wet Shaving Kit also makes the perfect stand-alone gift!

fathers day gifts accessories

Gift ideas for Dad 4: Stylish accessories for his man cave!

Does the Dad in your family have a man cave or a home office or maybe just a reading corner in your living room? Just like us moms, many fathers love to have a small space to themselves where they can hide from their busy day-to-day life and to spend some time with their hobbies. A stylish accessory to make his man cave even more special might be the perfect Father's Day gift! Nkuku has some unique and gorgeous looking decorative accessories, which won't just look good in a man cave, but also in your living room. The wired moose, ram or antelope heads make any boring wall into an absolute eye-catcher. Or what about the fabulous retro Odhi Desk Lamp for all those long evenings he spends working? Have a look at the entire nkuku range, as no matter what you pick, you really can't go wrong!

Gift ideas for Dad 5: Eco-friendly lunchtime favourites!

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a father who is used to having his lunches and snacks on the go or in a busy office? Look no further - there is a fabulous range of reusable and eco-friendly lunchboxes, containers and sandwich wraps available right here at Baba Me! One of the all-time favourites is the Boc'n'Roll which is now available in new stylish colours and patterns and the fact that it opens up completely makes it very easy to clean after each use. A Dad who loves his soups for lunch will definitely appreciate the insulated U-Konserve Food Jar which keeps his favourite soup nice and warm for hours (this is particularly handy if he wants to avoid using the microwave at work). Complete his new lunchtime set with a Punc Bottle and you make sure to make Dad's lunchtime his second most favourite time of the day (right after hometime, of course)!

 fathers day gifts photoframes

Gift ideas for Dad 6: Lots of love and memories!

What better Father's Day gift is there than the love between a father and his kids? Of course, that gift is given every single day and not just on Father's Day, but why not print out some pictures of some of those very special memories every dad has with his children? That moment he first held his son or daughter after they were born, the first time he gave them a bottle or rocked them to sleep. The first time he tried to teach them how to play ball or took them out on a very special father & kids adventure. To make these photographs really stand out, pick one or more of the unique and mostly handmade fairtrade photo frames! How about a rustic but very beautiful wooden frame made of driftwood and pallets or for all those bike loving Dads this recycled frame made from bike chains! If you are looking for some incredibly stylish option, have a look at the nkuku Kiko Zinc frames or the set of 4 Tiny Kiko frames - not just hipsters will cherish these creative designs for a long time.


Father's Day celebrations made special by gifts from Baba Me

Once you have found the perfect Father's Day Gift for the Dad in your family, combine it with a sleep-in, a super special breakfast in bed with all the food he really loves and some homemade cards from your kids - which might possibly be his favourite gifts of all. After all, this day is all about a father and his kids!