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Faye & Lou Ltd: Innovative products for Parents and Children. We supply breastfeeding tops, covers and muslins for babies. The Faye and Lou team comprises experienced mothers and expert nannies dedicated to making a mother’s life easier. Since 2005 we've been developing products that support parents who share our desire to see their child get the best start in life.

Breastfeeding Butterfly-
Our Breastfeeding Butterfly is the stylish and practical solution to breastfeeding in public. It's a great alternative to breastfeeding tops. It provides you with cover for your breast, post-pregnancy stomach, side and back. Feeding in a calm and cosy environment, your baby can maintain eye contact with you whilst feeding. The Breastfeeding Butterfly is inspiring mothers everywhere to breastfeed more regularly and more naturally than ever before.

Cozio Muslins
These extra large muslin squares are perfect for swaddling. They can work like magic in calming a fussy, tired or over-stimulated baby. They can also be used as a burp cloth, changing mat, towel, light weight blanket, sheet and much more...

Rainbow Muslins
These versatile cloths are essential, have an extraordinary range of uses and come in bright, eye-catching rainbow colours which are stimulating for baby. Where white muslins can become dull and grey with time, Rainbow Muslins stay bright and colourful. 

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