One Piece Cloth Nappies

One-piece reusable nappy systems are most similar to a disposable nappy. The entire nappy is changed after each use. Some one-piece washable nappies will have an insert stuffed inside a pocket made between the waterproof outer and soft stay dry inner sections, others will have the absorbent inner part attached to the waterproof nappy cover. 

These types of reusable nappies are great for childminders or grandparents who may not have experience in folding terry nappies or putting together a two-piece nappy system.
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BumGenius Freetime
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bumGenius Original One-Size Cloth Nappy 5.0
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Bumgenius Littles
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Freetime Patch
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Mystery Reusable Nappy Box
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Bumgenius Alicia
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Little Lamb Pocket Nappy
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Bumgenius Elemental  3.0 NEW STYLE
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One-Piece Reusable Nappy Trial Kit
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Little Lamb Osfa
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