Pink Lining

Pink Lining

If you love style. If you love that quirky britishness and cottage style. If you just love love love design then you will love love love London brand of bags, Pink Lining. Designed by London designer Charlotte Pearl this beautiful range of changing bags bring out the yummy mummy in all of you.

The (abbreviated) Pink Lining Story thus far

From hand-stitching handbags for friends and colleagues in our basement flat in Bayswater (until my mother lent me her sewing machine which neither she, nor i had any idea how to use), then taking snapshots of them on the aforementioned flat’s front door and writing my own press release; to being stocked in Harrods and featured in Vogue and Tatler, all within 6months, (including 1 overnight stay at Heathrow airport lounge when I missed the plane to find our manufacturers which my husband Rufus Pearl- co-founder of Pink Lining luckily made, along with the original and only, 7 hand-stitched Pink Lining samples!) From hand tagging bags with willing friends, (paid in wine or champagne for larger orders), in-between breast-feeding my first daughter and sidling past more and more boxes of bags for stores in London, Paris , New York and Japan. Still from our 1 bedroom basement flat…

…To our first Pink Lining office off Portobello Road in Notting Hill, complete with new Pink Lining team members , and Molly the dog. Along the way stopping at the Cheltenham Gold cup (for a successful limited edition collaboration with Thomas Pink).

From purely fashion bags and fashion weeks... to an exciting and challenging digression into the Mother and child market- injecting the same fashion and design detail but this time into changing bags for Mothers; a change of direction validated when subsequently Pink Lining was selected to be stocked in prestigious John Lewis stores nationwide and then Harrods, and Fenwicks, and House of Fraser, and Bentalls… amongst others…and internationally…To becoming a market leader in the UK.

From the idyllic, (but now too small), office on a flower dotted, cobbled mews off Portobello Road; Rufus and I and our growing family, (now 3 children and Delilah the dog), and rapidly expanding Pink Lining office team and ever growing product range, (a direct result of my aforementioned growing family’s needs), relocate to our current exciting new premises in the Phoenix Brewery (not as bad for one’s health as one might suspect!) in Notting Hill.

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Pink Lining Wanderlust Rucksack Sunflowers
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Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous Changing Bag-True Love
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