TCS Eco Bamboo Velour Tie Dye
TCS Eco Bamboo Velour

TCS Eco Bamboo Velour Tie Dye

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This product is hand-dyed by TCS Eco, it is a custom cut specifically for Baba Me and each pad will be different.

Bamboo velour is a blend of: 
70% bamboo viscose/rayon
28% Organic Cotton
2% Polyester

This material is amazingly soft, it can get a bit stiff after a few washes but will soften up by rubbing it against itself or a quick tumble at low heat.

Regular pads are one layer of Zorb 3D with Silverdur
Night Pads are two layers of Zorb 3D with Silverdur

All TCs Eco pads are suitable for mild incontinence.

Wear these pads with fleece to knickers and colourful side up.

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