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Upcycled Cotton Photo Frame - Pink
Upcycled Cotton Photo Frame - Pink

Upcycled Cotton Photo Frame - Pink

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Upcycled Cotton Photo Frame - Pink

This bright and simple frame, is the perfect gift for the stylish and eco-minded. Made from 
100% recycled rags and paper to look and feel like leather. No damaging pvc’s, plastics or 
harm to animals are involved in the process. At this small factory there are seven workers 
and twenty-two sub-contractors involved in manufacturing. The employees receive statutory 
wages and for Diwali, they are provided with a bonus in line with the yearly performance of 
the company. During the process, water is recycled and there is no need for heavy electricity 
consumption. The company say “We are JAINS by religion, our motto is to live and let live. 
Our motive to develop this product was to reduce the use of leather. With each ton of 
handmade paper we use, we also save 27 eucalyptus trees which would otherwise have 
been cut down.” The frame is produced in assorted colours. Mix and match for a personal, 
colourful and contemporary gallery, safe in the knowledge you are helping to save the 
world’s resources. 

Why we love this product!

Beautiful colours

Dimensions: 18 x 23cm

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