A Guide to Flip Nappies

flip nappies

One cover, 4 inserts basically sums up Flip nappies but it is so much more than the sum of its parts! Whether you call it a hybrid nappy system or a two part nappy system is up to you, but it offers parents so much choice when it comes to cloth nappies.

The flip system is based on the onesize flip cover. It has the bumGenius patented popper system which means it goes from 8lb to 35lb+ and has the stretchy tabs, unique to bumGenius. The stretch tabs make the nappy superbly adjustable, meaning you get the nappy super small, or it can grow and stretch to fit even the chunkiest of children.

The flip nappy cover can be used over any nappy or over one of it's four inserts. You might ask why it comes with 4 inserts (technically 5 if you count the newborn as separate to the stay dry), surely that's just overkill. Well no, coming with so many insert options means that is the perfect system for.. Everybody!

If you love super slim but have no drying facilities, but want a stay dry layer choose the flip stay dry inserts.

If you love super slim, have poor drying facilities and prefer to only use natural fabrics then choose the flip organic daytime insert.

If you love natural fibres but need a nappy for the night time or for a heavy wetting baby, have good drying facilities then choose the organic night time insert.

If you have a tiny newborn and don’t want bulk then choose the flip newborn insert.

If you are just dipping into cloth, don’t have good washing facilities or even access to a washing machine, are on holiday or just on strike then choose the flip disposable insert. This can be sent to landfill and will break down in 6 months. This offers the perfect option for those who just can’t cloth nappy but don’t want to use single-use plastic disposable nappies. Made from bamboo and potato starch they offer the flexibility to still use cloth even without a washing machine.

We love flip nappies here because it's so flexible. You can use it over any other two piece nappy or nappy system you have. It purposely comes without insert poppers so that it can be mixed and matched and used with any nappy you have, or even a tea towel or towel cloth if you have completely run out.

We’ve done this full guide to flip nappies video in which we talk in depth about flip and all it's inserts and uses. It would be fair to say that flips are by far our best selling nappy system, it's so economical and we do kits from just £99, so very very affordable. There is an insert to suit everyone and every need. This video shows you how we fold and stuff the covers, we hope you find it useful!

Next Up: Where Are Flip Nappies Made?

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