A Slice of Green

Are you looking for a way to live more sustainably?

A Slice of Green has the perfect solution. Their products are stylish and functional, so they can be easily incorporated into your daily life. They have reusable lunch bags, reusable straws, washable produce bags, reusable wipes and more! You're not only helping the environment but also saving money buy using something reusable.

There is no better time than now to make a change towards living sustainably. Start today by purchasing one (or all) of our amazing products from A Slice of Green! From reusable facial pads to stainless steel lunch boxes - we've got everything you need to start making small changes towards living sustainbly today!

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Stainless Steel Square Food Containers - Set Of 3
£32.00   £24.00
Extra Large Stainless Steel Oval Lunch Box
£25.00   £18.75
Large Leak Resistant Stainless Steel Lunch Box Rectangle
£24.00   £18.00
Deep Leak Resistant Stainless Steel Lunch Box Rectangle
£20.00   £15.00
Stainless Steel Round Mini Food Containers - Set Of 3
£20.00   £15.00
Stainless Steel Oval Lunch Box with Mini Container
£19.00   £14.25
Leak Resistant Stainless Steel Lunch Box Rectangle
£18.00   £13.50
Large Stainless Steel Round Food Container
£16.00   £12.00
Round Stainless Steel Lunch Box - Two Tier
£15.00   £11.25
Large Stainless Steel Square Food Container
£14.00   £10.50
Stainless Steel Deep Food Container
£12.00   £9.00
Unpaper Towels Mint Leaf - 5 Pack
£10.00   £7.50
Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws And Brush - 2 Pack
£9.00   £6.75
Stainless Steel Straws And Brush - 2 Pack
£8.00   £6.00
Stainless Steel Mini Straws And Brush - 2 Pack
£7.50   £5.63
Reusable Cotton Facial Pads - 5 Pack
£6.50   £4.88
Reusable Wipes Meadow - 5 Pack
£6.50   £4.88
Stainless Steel Round Mini Food Container
£6.50   £4.88
Reusable Facial Pads Meadow - 5 Pack
£5.50   £4.13
Unsponge Scrub Surface - 2 Pack
£4.00   £3.00
Unsponge Smooth Surface - 2 Pack
£3.50   £2.63
Mesh Produce Bag
£2.00  -  £7.00
Reusable Produce Bag
£1.25  -  £5.00

Page 1 of 1:    27 Items

A Slice of Green - Lunch Accessories

We love a slice of green eco lunch & food products. The perfect combination of style and useful, they are very thoughtful eco accessories. You can search and compare their products by size, capacity or weight. They have a wide range of options, so something for everyone! A slice of green have also a great range of reusable straws and organic cotton reusable shopping bags. The lunch box options are wide and varied and  include tier round, stainless steel large rectangle, lunch bags, lunchbox, food containers, reusable two tier boxes, and oval containers with mini containers included.  A slice of green also now have organic cotton bags, all made in an ethical factory in India. In recent years, especially thanks to the help of great programmes like the BBC's war on plastic and Blue Planet,  consumers have become aware of the impact of the disposable culture and are moving towards trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. A Slice of Green products has been designed to offer consumers a stylish range of reusable products that can help them work towards a zero waste, plastic free life.

All of A Slice of Green's eco products and stainless steel lunch boxes are fairly traded from an ethical family manufacturer in India. They take great pride in ensuring a fair wage is paid to their workers, we love makers that care!.

Buy A Slice of Green eco lunch accessories now!

If you are hoping to go plastic free or just have a more sustainable lifestyle, then A slice of green are a great way to start. On your zero waste journey you may find some transitions harder than others. Ditching single use plastic clingfilm or plastic bags to a stainless steel option is a very easy move which will probably save you money over the long term. All these lunchboxes are dishwasher safe, note they contain NO plastic or BPA so cannot be used for very wet liquid lunch as they make leak.