A Water Bottle That Keeps Water Cold

Chilly’s - The insulated water bottle that keeps water cold for 24 hours

One of the reasons people often give for wanting to buy water on the go is that they just can't bear drinking lukewarm water. Once you have an insulated water bottle you'll never have to suffer warm water again, unless you want to.

There are many brands of insulated water bottles that will keep your water cold all day, and we've picked out Chilly's bottles as being one of the best.

The stainless steel construction and double-walled vacuum insulation maintains the temperature of whatever you are drinking regardless of how hot or cold it is outside while keeping the contents fresh.

And because of the insulation not only can you enjoy ice-cold water all-day but the outside of the bottle remains condensation free and the same temperature as the outside environment rather than the contents of the bottle.

How to keep your water cold in your water bottle for as long as possible.

If you know it's going to be a hot day and you're going to want an ice-cold drink at the end of it, hours after you've left the house, there are a few things you can do to help keep your water as cold as possible.

  • Pre-Chill your water. Putting a full Chilly's bottle, or another insulated bottle in the fridge or freezer won't chill the water due to the vacuum insulation. However, you can pre-chill water in a glass bottle or filter jug in the fridge.
  • Add ice. Even if you can't pre-chill your water it's still pretty cold from the tap and if you add a few ice cubes this will quickly take the temperature down from cool to ice cold.
  • Pre-chill your bottle. This is the same principle as pre-warming a teapot or an insulated coffee cup, the closer in temperature the bottle is to the liquid you are putting in, the less heat transfer there will be initially. You can chill by putting in the fridge with the lid off, or filling with icy water.

If you end up running out of icy water while you are out and about don't panic. There are lots of places you can refill your bottle including big-name coffee chains. And most places will let you fill up your bottle if you ask. If you're unsure try the refill app so you can stay hydrated and stay healthy without buying bottled water.

Next up: Why you should choose to reuse and join the refill revolution.

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