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Abeego wraps have created a food wrap that mimics the natural skin of food, allowing it to stay fresher for longer. Abeego wraps is a beeswax wrap cloth which protects food naturally, is easy to use and stylish. Their fabulous reusable beeswax food wrap allows food to breathe, bringing an end to plastic, cling film or even tin foil allowing more and more households to become zero waste and plastic free.

Abeego is a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic and is naturally anti-fungal.

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Abeego Beeswax Wraps Large 2 Pack
Abeego Beeswax Wraps Medium Pack - 3 Flats
Abeego Beeswax Wraps Small Pack - 6 Flats
Abeego Beeswax Wraps Variety Pack

Page 1 of 1:    5 Items

These reusable beeswax food wraps are so versatile, they can do everything a plastic layer can do and so much more! You can use these organic cotton & hemp fabric with a beeswax tree resin coating (infused with jojoba organic oil) to cover sandwiches, a salad bowl, fresh bread, leftover ham, or even for food storage in the fridge. This natural beeswax food wrap is just so versatile, we could list 1000 uses for them but most importantly, they keep food alive! From replacing parchment paper to cling wrapping food, the list just goes on!

The benefit of these wraps original all natural beeswax cloths over food storage containers, such as plastic food containers or stainless steel containers, is that they take up a lot less room in your fridge or lunch bags. Abeego wraps allow your food to breathe naturally, and they are completely biodegradable made from beeswax tree resin and hemp and organic cotton! We love our stainless steel and lunch bags at Baba Me, however, these are a suitable alternative for those occasions when you need it. They are much lighter to carry, so make a better alternative in the lunch bags to plastic sandwich bags, especially for children.

Not only are these great for storing food in the house, but they are also very easy to maintain. Just use, then wash lightly with water and allow to air dry, do not wring your beeswax wrap as you will wring the wax out! If well maintained, your food wraps should last 12 months even using every day in your lunch bags. If you are talented you can re-apply organic wax yourself to the cotton fabric and they will last even longer.

Biodegradable product - these are compostable!

100% natural

Durable and long-lasting, and allow living food to breathe

Zero Waste - go plastic free with them!

Made from organic cotton, pure beeswax, and jojoba oil

Super versatile, from wrapping cheese to snacks these will do it all.

Make fantastic reusable sandwich wraps and lunch bags!

Commonly asked questions on using reusable wraps

Can I reuse them?

YES!!!!!!! Lots and lots of times. If you look after your reusable food wraps they should last up to 12 months, unlike plastic cling film which is a single-use item, it will help you in your journey to plastic free living.

What size should I get?

The reusable natural beeswax food wrap comes in a number of sizes to suit your needs. Most people get the Abeego variety pack as a good starting point, from there you can work out which flats are best for you, but you can choose from Large, for larger items, medium - will suit most jobs, and small for pieces of fruit, etc. The variety pack contains all of these three sizes and if you are just starting out is a great place to start!

What are the Abeego made of?

The wraps are made from organic cotton fabric, organic beeswax and organic jojoba oil and tree resin. The reusable beeswax food wrap is not vegan.

What food can you cover with them?

The wraps are perfect for covering a wide variety of food. From covering bowls to put in your cupboard or fridge (simply put the reusable beeswax wrap over and the warmth of your hands will set it in place), to snacks on the go, fruit, leftover cheese or sandwich for lunch.

Are they safe to use?

The beeswax and jojoba oil have anti-bacterial qualities which help keep food fresh. They are also completely natural so a lot nicer than all the plastic and the chemicals in that to surround your food. Eliminate plastic bags in your house by using these wraps to go around anything you currently use cling film for. These wraps are the sustainable alternative to

Can I use them in an oven?

No, Abeego wraps will melt. Avoid putting them anywhere near high temperatures.

Can Abeego cover liquids in jars?

Yes! Abeego wraps are great all-rounders and not just keep food fresh, they will also keep liquid in jars fresh. Once you start using wraps and see the food fresh a day later, you won't be able to go back to anything else! Like reusable bags, wraps are a very simple step to zero waste living. Reusable bags are so easy to use, as are Abeego wraps, its just a case of forming habits which break our reliance on plastic..

How do I wash Abeego?

Wash in cold water with eco-friendly dish soap is the best way to maintain your wraps. Hot water will melt the beeswax food wrap so it is best to wash in cold water.



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