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A Slice of Green reusable products

A Slice of Green has produced a great range of practical stylish reusable products that allow us to gradually move away from our disposable single-use culture towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Climate awareness and sustainable living are no longer reserved for tree-loving hippies. In recent years there has been a steadily growing awareness that we need to take greater care of the planet and think more about the resources we use.

With that has come the growing understanding that there are plenty of things we can do in our everyday lives that can and do make a difference. Whether that's switching your electricity supplier, choosing to use public transport or walk rather than getting in the car, eating more locally produced food, or reducing your consumption of single-use plastics.


A Sustainable company

Not only do A Slice of Green make products to help you live a more sustainable lifestyle, but they also do it in a sustainable way.

All A Slice of Green products are made in India where they work directly with the producers, building strong relationships that are good for people and the planet. They trade fairly ensuring producers are properly paid for their products.

Products for greener living

The A Slice of Green range is perfect for helping you cut your dependence on plastics.

A Slice of Green has a wide range of stainless steel lunch boxes and food containers are perfect if you need to replace your lunch box or want to start saving money and reducing waste by taking food with you when you're at work or just out for the day.

Stainless steel is a great material for food storage as it is safe, highly durable, easy to clean, and fully recyclable.


Reusable produce bags are ideal if you buy fresh fruit and veg from either a supermarket or greengrocers. Made from organic cotton and available in a range of sizes these bags can be machine washed and will last for years. Simply fill them at the shops and pop them straight in the fridge when you get home. The breathable fabric actually helps produce stay fresher for longer so not only are you using less plastic but you'll probably find you waste less food too.

Sometimes it really is the smallest and simplest changes that can make the biggest differences. Switching to a reusable water bottle rather than buying plastic bottles of water. Saying no to plastic cutlery. Using a bamboo toothbrush. And always having your own reusable straw. These are all simple switches that are easy to make and can make a big difference to your consumption.

We love the fact that A Slice of Green makes short, long and smoothie straws so you can pick the straw that is perfect for you and not have to drink from a soggy paper straw or throw away a plastic one ever again.

Why use reusable produce bags? We take a closer look here.

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Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - Shower Bombs with Essential Oils
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Giant Bath Bomb
Organic Bath Bombs for Children
Greenman Soap
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Organic Duck Soap
£2.00   £1.50

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