About Lyonsleaf

About Lyonsleaf - The republic of natural skincare

Nestled in the Mendip hills, Lyonsleaf is a family-run company that small but perfectly formed range of natural beauty products.

Their award-winning skincare is made with 100% natural ingredients, as many as possible of which they grow themselves on the farm, to guarantee they are of the highest quality and grown without chemicals. All their products are made without water meaning they can also be made without chemicals including preservatives and emulsifiers.

Lyonsleaf products are suitable for almost everyone, and they specialise in safe products for eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis prone skin that contain powerful herbal extracts

Calendula for eczema

How it started?

Ben and Vicky started out selling produce they grew on their farm to local restaurants and to individual customers at farmers markets. Making skincare products with herbs they grew themselves as a hobby grew into a business when they started selling them alongside their produce at farmers markets and they were an instant hit with customers.

The feedback was so positive, particularly from people amazed at the effect the creams were having on eczema and psoriasis. Great feedback combined with personal experience led the couple to believe they could offer a better and more natural alternative and decided to focus on skincare alone.

Natural, Active and Water-Free

All Lyonsleaf products are 100% waterfree. Most creams and lotions are around 70-80% water meaning you have to adjust the amount you use and get used to using less product. But just think of the added value you are getting by not paying for all that water.

Use oil-based moisturisers after a bath or shower, it’s always best to apply moisturisers to clean skin, your skin will absorb better and moisture gets locked in.

Lyonsleaf pride themselves on the fact that their products are 100% natural. Ditching the water means that Lyonsleaf products are able to be truly natural and completely chemical-free. Plus they use predominantly organic ingredients where the cost justifies the benefit. And only use refined oils.

When you put water or water-based ingredients into beauty products you have to have added an anti-microbial preservative usch as parabens. You also need an emulsifier to ensure the oil and water mix and these emulsifiers are often responsible for causing reactions in people with sensitive skin.

Using 100% natural ingredients, grown without the use of chemicals (and as much as possible on their own farm), Lyonsleaf creates safe, soothing and nourishing balms and creams for even the most sensitive skin. And of course, they leave out all artificial colours and fragrances.

Lyonsleaf products are also 100% active. No water, no chemicals, no filler, just natural oils and nut butter carefully chosen for their skin benefitting properties. These oils are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and are all used in the most unprocessed state possible to maximise the benefits for your skin.

Kinder to your pocket and the planet

Lyonsleaf are a company on a mission to change the way we think about skincare, creating natural products that actually work without the price tag often associated with natural and organic or high-end beauty brands.

They are all about using fewer products, natural ingredients, less packaging, and choosing homegrown products wherever possible. Switching to a single concentrated water-free product for both cleansing and moisturising means less packaging and less cost.

Read more about how you can use Calendula for eczema here.

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