Activity Walker for Baby

Choosing the right activity walker for your baby

A wooden baby walker is a great toy for babies that are excited to explore the world. Obviously, they are great for helping baby find their feet, offering stability and support while they take their first tentative steps. But an activity walker will also engage sitting babies and be fun to play with even after they are walking unaided.

Due to research suggesting the negative effects of sitting baby walkers we would suggest you choose a push-along baby walker where babies can see their feet while walking, drop down onto their bums, and develop strength and balance in a natural way.

Engage and inspire

The Bigjigs, Tidlo and Tender Leaf Toys activity walkers offer so much fun for little ones. These walkers are not only great for helping with gross motor skills but also have lots of fine motor skills activities for little ones to play with.

These activities are perfect for babies to play with long before they are ready to start walking and will encourage sitting and crawling which are both vital for healthy development and learning to walk.

All these walkers are designed with a stable wide base although of course babies do still need to be supervised while playing.

The Tidlo and Tender Leaf Toys activity walkers both have mirrors which little ones love and are perfect for encouraging them to want to pull themselves up to standing so they can study themselves.

The Bigjigs and Tender Leaf Toys walkers even have a shape sorter so you can tick two ket developmental toys off in one go.

Helping babies learn to walk

Once your baby can pull themselves up to standing activity walkers are a fun way to provide stability and give a little bit of support as they start cruising. They look a bit like a baby zimmer frame and work in pretty much the same way. Babies can still see their feet but are given a bit more independence than they get from holding on to you or being restricted in where they can cruise by the layout of the furniture.

You will need to support the walker to begin with to stop it running away from them before they are ready, but once babies start putting one foot in front of the other having something they can push along (even if its just a cardboard box) will provide hours of fun.

Giving your baby something safe to hold on to is great for their confidence and can go some way towards saving your back, although holding your hands is always going to be amazing.

Another great style of a wooden baby walker is the traditional cart full of blocks. We look a bit more at these in our next article, which baby walker is best.

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