Affordable Ethical Gifts

Whatever the time of year there is always the opportunity for sustainable gifts Choosing plastic-free gifts that are not wrapped in plastic not only shows you have thought about the gift but that you care about the planet as well.

Plastic free gifts can take many forms. If you are aiming to live as waste-free as possible then giving second-hand gifts is a great way to go as there's plenty of stuff out there that's already been made without the need to buy something new.

And if you've not managed to find the perfect gift in a charity shop, reusable gifts and plastic-free toiletries make great gifts for adults and can't help but love wooden toys as the perfect plastic-free gifts for children.

Reusable Gifts

Reusable gifts can take many forms so you can tailor your gift perfectly to the person you are buying for.

If your recipient is a coffee lover then a reusable insulated coffee cup or insulated flask makes a fantastic gift. They can be used out and about for grabbing a takeaway. Saving a cup from a landfill and keeping your coffee hot for longer. Or you can make your coffee at home and take it with you which will save loads of money over time.

Alternatively everyone should have a reusable water bottle. The perfect gift for keeping you hydrated and removing the need to buy bottled water while you are out and about.

There are also plenty of plastic-free gifts to help you reduce plastic from food both at home or out and about. Reusable wax wraps are a great alternative to cling film for covering leftovers, packing sandwiches or keeping food fresh. There are plenty of gorgeous options for taking food with you when you are on the go and loads of gorgeous reusable bags.

And if you're giving to people to love practical gifts why not choose something like a coconut scouring pad or solid dish soap?

Plastic Free Toiletries Gifts

Pampering sets make popular gifts as everyone deserves to take a little time out and treat themselves. But so many of those wonderfully scented gift boxes are full of plastic, from the packaging and the bottles to the products themselves.

However a desire to live ethically including when we are giving doesn't rule out these types of gifts. There are many fabulous beauty and self-care products that are handmade in the UK from natural ingredients and don't come with plastic packaging.

Whether you choose divine scented bath salts and melts paired with a natural candle for indulgent self-care. Or something that can be used every day like a plastic-free reusable razor or a completely natural moisturiser that nourishes the skin.

If you need a little more inspiration check out our article on the best gifts for eco-warriors here.

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