Affordable Gift Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Being a kid is not just all about toys. Despite the fact that some 10 year olds have outgrown their favorite toys, they still play and still need some toys. The only difference is that now they are more mature than before. They might not play with their old toys anymore but they would appreciate getting new quality stuff. When you want to buy your 10 year old child a gift, it is important to research the kind of toy you want to get him.

Board Games

One of the best ways to engage kids in learning is to keep them occupied and entertained. Board games serve this purpose well, as they can teach young children a lot of things while keeping them busy and entertained.

Strategic board games like chess and classic ones like snake and ladders offer many opportunities of learning and development. Your child is maybe 10 years old but he is still developing his skills. And board games can definitely help your child further develop his skills and learn more about his surroundings.


Puzzles are a fun way to add challenges to your child’s playtime. Puzzles and puzzles games are good toys for children who have already developed solid problem solving skills and analytical thinking. These toys will exercise their minds and allow them to further develop their skills.

There are many puzzles that are designed for kids. If this is your kid’s first time playing with puzzles, let him with a simple one at first. There is absolutely no need to increase difficulty until your child learns how to love completing puzzles otherwise he will only get frustrated.

Outdoor Toys

Most children nowadays spend most of their time in front of their electronic devices. And that is not good. They need to spend less time in front of screens and more time outdoors. Playing outdoors at least a few hours a day has many benefits, especially for children.

Many child experts suggest that children need to spend time playing outdoors. Doing so helps with their physical development, they learn more about the environment and it’s a fun way for them to socialise with their age group.

Outdoor toys are designed to encourage children to play outside. They could be anything from trampoline to a tree house to adventure kits to tents.

Gardening Toys

Gardening is an activity that children are naturally drawn to. Help foster a lifelong love of growing and taking care of plants by encouraging your children to take up gardening.

You can introduce them to gardening by letting them help you tend your garden. There are many gardening tools that are specifically designed for children for maximum safety so that gardening will be a fun and safe activity for you and your little one.


Dolls are probably the most popular toys for kids. They have been around for centuries and many children still play with them even today.

Many people think that children should stop playing with dolls when they reach a certain age. But that is actually not helpful. If your 10 year old child still plays with her dolls, let her. She will eventually grow out of them and move on to other things. But until then, she can still learn and develop while playing with her dolls.


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