Alternatives to Party Bags

Party Bag Fillers

If you have children then the chances are you have some experience of party bags. Both receiving them at the end of a party and deciding what party bag treats to put in them for your own children.

While it's probably fair to say most parents think of party bag fillers as a waste of time and money, kids love them! And it's pretty hard to buck the trend and not give out some sort of favour at the end of a party.

That being said we think there are some great alternatives to traditional party bag fillers that kids, parents and the planet will approve of.

Gifts and party bag fillers that kids use at the party

It's not just the party bags fillers that cost money at a kids party, there's also the venue, the food, the paper plates and cups and the entertainment to think of. But what if you could combine these?

One fantastic party bag filler idea is something that children can use everyday. Rex London makes some gorgeous insulated lunch bags that would be perfect for a summer picnic party in the park. You could pack each child a special party lunch and then let them take the bag home afterwards, saving on the need for plates and giving a great reusable gift at the same time. And you don't have to pre-fill them. Children will love filling their lunch bag far more than filling a plate, and they can take anything they don't eat home.

The collapsible water bottles are also the perfect size for party drinks and have the added bonus of making spillages much less likely. Win-win! A reusable cup and straw would also make a lovely party bag filler and again can be used for years.

Party crafts as party favours

Doing some sort of craft activity is a great way to combine entertainment and party favours and can work for all ages. This could be anything from painting a plate or mug to making a wand or a dreamcatcher.

Homemade playdough is perfect for little ones and they can take home a pot at the end in lieu of a party bag.

Older kids might really enjoy making homemade face masks or bath bombs to take home with them at the end of the party. And making homemade slime is a great activity that again can act as entertainment and party favour. Just make sure you save plenty of jars

If you have a spring or summer baby then decorating a plant pot and planting some seeds is a fun activity. Sunflowers are great as the kids can have a competition to see whose grows the tallest. And cress seeds are fun any time of the year. Plus they are great for younger children as they take less time to grow.

For more ideas for little ones check out our party bag ideas for toddlers. And let us know if you have any other great alternative party bag ideas.

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