Amazing Ecofriendly Gifts for Under £10

Many people have the wrong impression that buying eco-friendly gifts is costly. Generally, eco-friendly products cost more than their conventional counterparts but they are not as expensive as you might think. There is a wide range of affordable yet amazing eco-friendly products that make for wonderful gifts for any occasion. Here’s our short list of meaningful eco friendly gifts that cost £10 or less.

Agnes & Cat Soap On A Rope

Agnes & Cat’s soap on a rope is an ingenious solution for soap to keep it from melting quickly. You can hang your soap in the shower or on the tap. All Agnes & Cat’s soaps are made in small batches so you are guaranteed to receive a high quality natural soap free from chemicals like parabens, aluminium and more. These soaps are cruelty-free, come in eco-friendly packaging and made from natural ingredients like coconut butter which moisturises the skin, pure essential oils and botanicals. Additionally, these soaps are scented using carefully selected natural fragrances.

Klean Kanteen 295ml Steel Cup

Klean Kanteen stainless steel cup is a wonderful gift because it is versatile. You can use it at home, at work or bring it with you when you go camping or picnics. They are nestable so you can bring more than one and they are highly portable. Perfect cups toddlers as well because these cups are nearly indestructible. It is made with an electropolished interior so it does not impart or retain flavours. The large opening fits ice cubes and easy to drink from. You can finally say goodbye to broken glasses and plastic cups with chewed rims!

Three Hills Natural Deodorant

Conventional deodorants contain many chemicals that are considered harmful like parabens, aluminium, triclosan, phthalates and propylene glycol. Many studies have linked these chemicals to several health conditions and could potentially cause cancer. This natural deodorant from Three HIlls is the perfect deodorant if you want to make the switch from chemical-laden conventional deodorants.

Three HIlls Natural Deodorant is made from carefully-selected natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, jojoba seed oil and other pure essential oils and botanicals. It is scented using natural fragrances so you end up smelling fresh naturally all day.

Olive Soap Dish

This Olive Soap Dish is handcrafted  from a solid piece of olive and sanded smooth to avoid splinters. It is finished with a coat of Hampshire Sheen Danish Oil which seals the wood and adds another level of protection. The channels in the soap dish are designed to allow water to drain freely which allows your soap to dry quickly and last longer. It is recommended to wash the soap dish regularly to maintain its life.

A Slice of Green Reusable Shopping Bag - Large

Encourage your friends, colleagues and loved ones to reduce their waste by simply switching from plastic shoppings to reusable ones. This reusable produce bag from A Slice of Green is a great way to start living sustainably. Perfect bag for carrying fresh fruits, vegetables and other produce from your local grocery and farmers’ market. It features a drawstring closure and is made from natural fibres which allows the produce to breathe inside while being stored.


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