Amazing Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Kids

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When children reach their 9th year, parents begin to notice that they may have diverging interests and therefore start looking for something different. This age is when children start to do more things independently and become more social with their peers. Their toys need to offer different kinds of challenges.

Here we'll look at ideas to help you choose that perfect gift, something useful and fun that will give your child entertainment and education.

Puzzles and Board Games

At age 9, most children are ready for challenging activities like solving puzzles and playing board games. For example, kids about this age can tell time to the hour and can solve basic math word problems.

They may also know how to play chess, snake and ladders and a variety of other board games. However, they may have difficulty putting together large puzzle pieces or understanding rules of unfamiliar board games.

A great deal of brain power is necessary for solving puzzles and playing board games. Using the brain creatively can give you a lot of satisfaction. Achieving the goal in a challenging puzzle or finding an optimal strategy in a board game takes planning, concentration and mental discipline. Parents are responsible for helping their children develop these skills from an early age.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools can encourage children to take up gardening. Gardening is a wonderful exercise that has many health benefits as well. If your children are spending more time in front of their tablets or smartphones, they are missing a lot of opportunities to enjoy nature.

It is always great to involve your children in different activities that will contribute towards their development. Gardening not only gives them a chance to be in touch with nature and learn about the wonders of growing plants , but also allows them to spend quality time with you and you can even have a lot of fun together as a family.

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Arts and crafts are certainly good gifts for 9 year old kids. The best gift items to make for arts and crafts are those that are fun. Craft supplies should be chosen according to your child’s interests. Even if your child is not interested in creating crafts, you can still encourage him or her in this activity by giving him or her art supplies, which will surely be claimed as one of the best gifts for kids.

Musical Instruments

At age 9, most children will start to show their interest in music. It can be the first time they express their musical abilities. Parents try to encourage them and guide them to play musical instruments. Musical instruments are the right choice to get started. By listening, feeling, touching and moving melodies, children's interest and confidence gradually grow.

Outdoor Toys

It’s important to encourage children to become more adventurous and more interested in spending time away from gaming and computers. Outdoor toys are a great way to do this. Outdoor toys like tents and adventure kits are good gifts to encourage children to spend more time outside.


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