Ambulance Facts for Kids

Children learn through play and they love role-playing. One of the most common types of pretend-play that kids love is playing doctor. Toys like doctor playsets and toy ambulance make this type of play more fun and realistic. You can take your child’s make-believe play to the next level by dropping a few random facts about ambulances while she’s playing.

Here are a few facts about ambulances:

  • An ambulance is a medically equipped emergency vehicle used to transport for sick or hurt people to treatment facilities like hospitals.

  • The term ambulance comes from the Latin word "ambulare" which means to walk or move about. The word originally meant a moving hospital, which follows an army in its movements.

  • The first ambulance was horse-drawn emergency transport used by the Spanish forces in 1487 during the siege of Málaga by the Catholic monarchs against the Emirate of Granada.

  • Any vehicle that can transport patients can be considered as an ambulance. However, this varies from each jurisdiction and local medical vehicle classification. An ambulance can be in the form of a car, truck, boat, and many more.

  • On average, there are 5 different stretchers which serve their own function in an ambulance. These are the usual stretcher (long bed atop a set of wheels), reeves, scoop, backboard and stair chair.

  • Usually there are 3 people that travel in an ambulance. One ambulance officer drives the vehicle while the other and a paramedic attends to the sick person.

  • Among all emergency response vehicles, ambulances are more likely to be involved in a car crash than fire trucks and police cars.

  • Ambulances may have different sirens or audible warning sounds but all mean the same thing - move out of the way.

  • In most countries, ambulances are allowed to use a red traffic light, counterflow a lane or break the speed limit during emergencies.

  • An ambulance needs to charge to make sure it has enough power to run all medical equipment. Most ambulances have a power outlet in the back of the vehicle and need to be plugged to a power source to stay functional. It’s a different battery from what regular vehicles use.

  • To call an ambulance, one normally dials an emergency number which is usually 3 digits. This varies from each country. For instance, in the USA the emergency number is 911 while in the UK it’s 999.

  • Ambulances are designed and finished with colour schemes that attract attention. They also have a unique shape not to be mistaken for other vehicles.

  • The fastest ambulance is based on a Ford Mustang and cost about $270,000 to make. It’s part of Dubai’s emergency response team. It can hit a speed of 180 miles per hour.

  • Aside from patient-care equipment, an ambulance is usually fitted with other important equipment like a two-way radio, mobile data terminal, CCTV, trauma lighting and many more.

  • For non-emergency situations, ambulettes are often used for patient transport. It’s a scheduled patient transport service.

These are a few facts about ambulances that you can share with your kids to expand their knowledge about emergency response.


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