Are Bigjigs & Brio Compatible?

This is actually one of the most common questions in our Facebook group and our wooden toys shop. It's actually not limited to these two wooden train brands but practically all wooden train tracks. Are they compatible?

Brand Background - Bigjigs

Bigjigs is a UK based company. They started making wooden train sets about 15 years ago. They have a vast array of wooden trains, train tracks, train accessories & full train sets. Bigjigs are known for their sustainable rubber wood train tracks. Bigjigs are based in Folkestone Kent and are run by the Ireland family. All of their trains are made in China.

Brand Background - Brio

Brio is probably the most famous wooden train company of all time. They are based in Malmo, Sweden and from what we understand, since 2004 all of their trains are made in China.

Are the train tracks compatible?

YES! We have yet to find a wooden train set which is not compatible. Most wooden trains & cars with the train wheels will fit all train sets. Curves are two sided, all tracks are very well sanded and connectors are the same. Aside from the logos, these sets are practically identical and are compatible with each other. They are also both compatible with other wooden train sets like Thomas and Ikea. We have found a few exceptions:
1. Ikea bridges tend to be smaller so not all trains will go under them.
2. We have found for some reason the Asda brand or at least the sets we tried are not compatible.
3. Some of the latest ikea tracks, with plastic connectors, can prove troublesome to fit.

All of the tracks we measured have the following dimensions:
Width - 41mm
Depth - 12mm
Groove width - 5mm
Groove depth - 3mm

Bigjigs Trains vs Brio Trains

The quality of Bigjigs is as comparable as Brio, putting the two side by side we cannot distinguish between each set. Bigjigs appears to have a lot wider range of accessories and is much more competitively priced.

The Differences

Most of the difference between bigjigs vs brio trains comes down to engines and rolling stock. Bigjigs focus more on a UK selection of trains such as the FLying Scotsman & the Mallard. These are part of the Heritage collection and are a nod to British train history. Bigjigs trains also tend to be mainly wooden based, apart from the plastic wheels. Brio trains are more plastic, so if you want a true wooden train set, Bigjigs might be a better option.

Unusual Additions

For unusual track pieces and more fun, then bigjigs rail is perfect. When it comes to accessories, again Bigjigs have a much bigger selection and we love their latest dinosaur train range and farm train range. Bigjis do really exciting bridges which can be added to any play set to make it more fun. The extra additions like steelworks, dino bridge, coal mine, construction crane etc make brilliant add on gifts for Birthday or Christmas, or even make a great wish list for grandparents to buy from.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to basic train tracks choose the cheapest set you can find and build it up with cheap tracks. As all tracks are compatible, this is a great way to bulk out your collection and build up a great train set. When it comes to rolling stock we prefer the wooden nature of Bigjigs. 

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