Are Construction Toys Worth It?

Yes, construction toys are worth it. There are many different kinds of construction toys. There are the classic building blocks and then there are sets of construction vehicles, construction workers and other accessories. Many children love playing these toys because they are fun and simple.

Accessories and Other Playsets

The good thing about construction toys is that most of them are part of a larger playset or compatible with other playsets. For instance, some of Bigjigs construction sets are compatible with Bigjigs Rail which is Bigjigs toy trains toyline. This means if you do not have enough budget right now to complete the entire set you can purchase them at a later time. Smaller sets are still fun to play because they are already a “complete” set on their own.


If you want to get the most out of your construction toys, make sure to buy something that is durable especially if your child loves to engage in rough play or bring his toys outdoors. Read product descriptions and online reviews from different sources to get an idea how durable the construction toy is and what to watch out for when you buy one.

Choose wood

Choosing wooden construction toys over plastic ones is also a good investment of your money. Not only are wooden constructions toys or any wooden toy for that matter, better for the environment, they are also relatively safer to play. Wooden construction toys are made from wooden materials and most manufacturers of wooden toys use non-toxic paint or water based dyes and stains.

Sure, plastic toys are widely available and they are easier to clean than wooden toys. But think about all the resources used in the production of these plastic toys as well as their implications to our environment. Cleaning wooden construction toys is really not that hard.

Another advantage of choosing wooden construction toys is that wood has natural antibacterial properties. This means you will not have to clean them as often as you would a plastic construction toy.

Most construction toys are so adorable that they can double as nursery or playroom decorations. If your kid has moved on to another toy, then you can use them as decorations. These toys are also heirloom toys that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

Good toys for early development

Not many toys offer the same learning and developmental value as construction toys. Construction toys are simple toys but simple toys are often the kind of toys that are fun to play and promote learning in many ways. Sure, some construction toys can be a bit challenging to play but that is actually part of the fun playing with construction toys. Without little and simple challenges here and there, children will grow complacent and would not have a clue how to deal with problems and challenges when they grow older. Every play piece included in a construction playsets helps children develop a wide range of essential skills like fine motor skills, gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


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