Are Doll Beds Good for Pretend Play?

Doll beds may appear as simple toys but they have exceptional learning and developmental value for children. They have been around for many years and children from different generations from around the world have been playing with them since they were introduced as children’s toys. They are great toys that offer a ton of play value and in some families they are considered as family heirlooms that are passed down from one generation to the next.

More than just toys, doll beds are great toys to encourage imaginative play and role playing. They facilitate early child’s development because most young children develop new skills and improve upon existing ones through play and doing. They discover things they never thought were possible.

Imagination and Creativity

Have you ever seen your kids role play with their friends or talk to their dolls as if the dolls are capable of responding? Little kids do this often because they love to role play and use their imagination while playing. This is what makes up role playing and dollhouses are one of the toys that encourages make-believe or pretend play. When children are engaged in role playing, they are put in different situations that require problem-solving. These types of play is a good way of improving a child’s way of thinking and intelligence.

Playing with doll beds provide good bonding opportunities for both parents and children. Parents can teach children all sorts of lessons through role playing like how to take care of their dolls or how to tuck their dolls in bed at bedtime.

Social Skills

Doll beds are such flexible toys that they can be enjoyed independently or with other children. Playing with others encourages social interactions and pretend play is the right play setting that facilitates this. Children will learn how to deal with difficult emotions and learn how to cooperate and coordinate with others. Role playing also teaches them how to look at things from a different angle and understand how people feel in various situations.

Language Skills

During role play, children communicate through words. Whether they are telling bedtime stories to their dolls or playing with friends, children expand their vocabulary and overall language skills through communication. You will eventually notice improvements in their speech and how they express themselves more freely and effectively.

Role playing sets up an environment where the use of language is always encouraged thus increasing the chance of your kids to learn new words and expand their vocabulary. The words children use while playing are often words they learned or heard from other people around them. They will learn how to use and choose their words carefully to be understood by others.

When your child is able to use words to convey a message effortlessly, it will also become apparent in their writing skills as well. The power of language when not expressed verbally can be expressed through written words.


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