Are Ecofriendly Gifts Expensive?

Many people are still on the fence about buying eco-friendly gifts or eco-friendly products in general because of their price tag. Generally, eco-friendly gifts cost more than their conventional counterparts, gifts that are made from synthetic materials like plastic. However, with growing demand for eco-friendly gift items and improvements to their manufacturing process, you can find many eco-friendly gifts that are reasonably priced. We firmly believe that eco-friendly gift giving should not break the bank because there are many affordable yet amazing gifts that have minimal impact on our environment.

Most people are under the impression that eco-friendly products are expensive. So when it comes to gift-giving, they end up buying the usual gifts instead of eco-friendly ones because they think going eco-friendly is beyond their budget. Modern consumers who want to reduce their waste and want to make a difference should see items beyond their price tag. Sure, you will be spending more if you go the greener route but if it something that reduces your wastes and helps you live sustainability, then they are totally worth it.


Yes, if you are going to give an eco-friendly item as a gift it will cost you more but not as much as you think. One of the main reasons why eco-friendly items are more expensive than plastic because of their manufacturing process as well as supply chain implications.

Take organic agricultural products as an example. Conventional agricultural practices require using high amounts of pesticides,water and insecticides to grow crops in mass quantities for a short period of time which results in selling the product for less. However, the impact of this kind of agricultural and production process is enormous. The chemicals usually found in insecticides and pesticides affect the soil, water source, biodiversity as well as the farmers.

Producing eco-friendly products means avoiding the use of harmful chemicals such as insecticides and pesticides when growing crops. Environmental-friendly approach to farming leads to employing more people to do manual labour such as weeding and clearing. Pest damaging the crops is also an ever-present possibility since insecticides are not being used to grow the crops.

Fair Trade

Most eco-friendly products are manufactured using fair trade practices and other ethical standards. Under fair trade, people who work to produce the materials of the products as well as the people who make the products themselves are paid living wages and are treated ethically. Furthermore, these companies also invest in infrastructure projects like schools, health care clinics, clean water supply and more.

In conclusion

Knowing how eco-friendly items are manufactured and produced is important to understand why you have to pay more for these items that you would if you buy their plastic counterparts. But the price tags on these items should not prevent you from sharing and encouraging others to live sustainably. Most eco-friendly products make for fantastic gifts for any occasion and their price tags are totally justified. However, you should still be cautious and wary about products that are being marketed as “natural” or “eco-friendly”. These shady companies often slap buzz words on the packaging of their products to appeal to the environmentally-conscious consumers even though their products are not entirely eco-friendly. Before buying anything eco-friendly, make your own research about the company making the product, their eco-credentials and their practices.


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