Are Plan Toys Non Toxic?

Are plantoys non toxic?

Yes! Their motto is Sustainable Play, Better Toys, Better World. Plan Wooden toys are synonymous with sustainable safe play and there are several reasons why.

  • They only use waste rubberwood in making their toys and for three years before they use the wood they insist no fertilisers are used on the trees.
  • The toys are glued with E-Zero glue which is plant based, natural & free from formaldehyde. E-Zero organic glue is environmentally-friendly and produced from plant derivatives. Normally glue used in woon products is made with chemicals and formaldehyde by-products.
  • The paints they use are non toxic water based colours and organic pigments making them nice and safe should babies start chewing them. 
  • The rubber wheels etc are local materials as well. During the first span of its life, the rubber tree absorbs carbon dioxide and produces latex as nature intended. We then use the latex to produce rubber for some parts of our toys, such as wheels on a racecar! 

Plantoys create toys which are durable, even for not so careful boisterous toddlers and toys which can be safely put in babies mouths.

Plan Toys Packaging

Plan toys don’t just stop at the manufacturer of their toys. They look at the environmental impact of all of their process not least their packaging. All of their paper packaging is made from recycled paper. In your plantoys box you might also find a ‘reused packaging’ sticker as well as they try and reuse as much as they can and incorporate sustainable practices in every way possible!

All of the printing on their packaging is made from soy based ink which is natural and non toxic.

The inside of the packaging is just as important as the boxes. They place their wooden toys inside of brown bags within other packing to protect them from shaking around or breaking. A fabric bag is also included with some of our pretend-play toys and alphabet toys to encourage safe storage and tidying up after play! 

They also now include dividers between each of their toys and parts so they fit in the packaging without being damaged. In order to reduce waste, we now take paper from old packaging boxes that haven’t been manufactured and use it for new packages. All of their packaging is plastic free! 

Plan Toys Carbon Footprint

Plantoys go a step further than any other toy manufacturer. Knowing carbon footprint to be hugely important they now calculate the amount of greenhouse gas that is released during the transition from their factory’s gate to the distributors’ warehouse. They keep track of all of their footprint so they work on reducing their impact on the environment!

Plantoys also only use local materials in their toy manufacture. 73% of the materials used come from a 30 km radius around their factory in Trang.

The Plantoys new packaging (from 2020 onwards) comes with a carbon footprint sticker. This sticker displays the amount of greenhouse gas that is released in each toy’s production. Whilst this will not include distance travelled to the toy shop and from the toy shop to your home, it's a huge benefit to show this information and remind us of our own carbon footprints.

Toys made by Plan Toys are safe and non-toxic. These amazing playsets conform to international toy standards.

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