Are Reusable Snack Bags Worth It?


Reusable Sandwich Bags

For most of us things have changed a lot from the time we were children in almost every area of our lives including how we pack lunch for work or school. And while cling film or plastic baggies were popular in the past there is a definite move towards more sustainable like reusable snack bagss.

We take a look at the various options available to replace plastic bags and cling film when making lunches to go and ask the question are reusable sandwich bags worth it. Both in terms of their environmental impact and in terms of cost.

Options to Replace Cling Film and Plastic Sandwich Bags

If you make lunches on a daily basis either for yourself or your children then the chances are you will include sandwiches or other items that benefit from being individually wrapped rather than just being loose in your lunch box or bag.

In the past cling film or little plastic food bags have been the most popular and obvious solution. But, as we all become more aware of the environmental impact of single use plastic and the need to consider the planet in our everyday life decisions there has been a definite move towards more sustainable options and reusable alternatives.

When it comes to sandwiches there are three main choices in terms of reusables.

  1. Sandwich sized tubs made either from reusable plastic or stainless steel.
  2. Wax wraps, either vegan or beeswax.
  3. Reusable sandwich bags or wraps.

All of these have their place and you may find you have a preference depending on exactly how you use single use plastic currently. For example wax wraps are a great alternative to cling film not only in lunch boxes but also for covering left overs in the fridge, wrapping up veggies, saving half a lemon or even keeping a loaf of bread or chunk of cheese fresher for longer.

Tubs can also be used in other ways especially for other snacks in your lunch bag or portioning up leftovers and reusable sandwich baggies are also great for fruit, biscuits, crisps, nuts and lots of other snacks. Anything you would have used a plastic bag for really.

Are Reusable Options Worth it?

Determining if reusable options are worth it will depend slightly on how you are measuring whether or not something is worth it. As in are you thinking in terms of saving money or in terms of the environmental impact. And of course how often you actually use them.

A stainless steel straw can last a lifetime and replace every future straw you might even wish to use. But this will only happen if you take it with you when you go out and don’t lose it. Likewise it doesn’t take many plastic bottles of water to make a reusable stainless steel water bottle worth the money. But you need to replace at least 50 plastic bottles to have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

When it comes to reusable sandwich bags the same principles apply. You need to use them plenty of times but if you do both the planet and your pocket will thank you.

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