Are Reusable Straws Safe?

Have you decided to go green, and give a contribution to the eco-planet? Changing plastic straws to reusable ones might be your first step in the change of a lifestyle. Do you wonder are reusable straws safe and what cautions you should keep in mind while using them? Read our article and find out more about washable strawssafe usage.

There are several types of reusable straws. Their safety depends on the material they are made of. There are stainless steel, glass and reusable silicone straws available in the market. Each of those has its characteristic features. But safety is an essential feature of reusable straws, especially for children. After all, they are the biggest consumers.

Stainless steel straws are the most popular among reusable straws on the market. They have their pros and cons like other types. But, the essential benefit of having stainless steel straws is that they will never rust. Stainless steel can be either food grade or medical grade steel. You should take care which type you choose. But considering every day use both types of steel are equally safe. Stainless steel is a good conductor of both heat and cold, so you should take care while drinking hot coffee or tea.

Perhaps you are wondering are stainless steel reusable straws safe for children. Metal straws are not bendable and flexible. They are not safe for use by small children, especially if they are on the move around the home. There is also a possibility that you might hurt your teeth or gums on the sharp edge. Some reusable straws like Kanteen stainless steel straws come with removable silicone tips. So you can be more relaxed when your child is using it. You should maintain silicone tips the same as the straws. Another benefit of silicone tip is heat and cold conduction. If you hold the straw for the silicone tip, you won’t hurt fingertips with a hot or freezing metal straw.

Glass reusable straws are more fun to use. You can see the drink moving through the straw and they come in different colours and shapes. They are also convenient for hygienic reasons because you can see how well you cleaned it. Speaking about safety, they can be dangerous for children because they are breakable.

Silicon straws seem to be the closest equal to plastic straws. They are soft compared to fragile glass and hard metal ones. They are chewable if you have this anxious habit of chewing the straw. There is no possibility of any harm on sharp edges, breaking, or heat while using it. So, speaking from the safety aspect, silicone straws are safe.

The excellent alternative for silicone straws are stainless steel straws with silicone tips. They are long lasting reusable straws safe to use. You can remove the silicon part if you don’t like or need it. But, stainless steel straws with the silicon tip on are durable, easy to maintain straws. With a soft edge, these straws are suitable for children and for use on the move.


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