Are Sorting Toys Worth It?

Back when we were kids, we had all kinds of toys. Most of us had toy cars, dolls and shape sorters. Sorting toys like shape sorters have been around for so many years. Our parents knew the full entertainment and developmental value of these toys. Fortunately, these toys are still around and remained the same even with some design upgrades. There are many varieties of sorting toys now which is good news because this means there are plenty of options for you and your child.

Should you buy a sorting toy?

Yes, we highly recommended sorting toys especially if you have a kid in the early developmental stage. Sorting toys are definitely worth it. These toys are simple and fun but help children develop essential skills they need to perform well academically at school or do basic actions.

There is more to sorting toys than just sorting. These are versatile toys that can be used for other purposes. For instance, most sorting toys especially those made from wooden materials have good aesthetics that make them good nursery decorations.

Plastic sorting toys are also good but we suggest to stay away from them as much as possible. Most parents buy them because they are widely available and much easier to clean than sorting toys made from other materials. Busy parents want toys that are easy to clean because they only have limited time to do cleaning at home. If you are a busy parent and want something easy to clean, we recommend checking out Green Toys. They have different kinds of sorting toys made from recycled milk jugs.

We recommend choosing wooden sorting toys over plastic ones though. Doing so, you are doing yourself, your children and the environment a favour. Wooden sorting toys or any wooden toy for that matter are tactile and good for sensory play. Most of these toys are safe to play and you will feel good knowing that you are helping save the environment. Our world is already littered with plastic and we do not want to add more to the plastic wastes that are piling up in our landfills and oceans.

Sorting toys are more than just toys. You can use them as teaching tools too. Probably the most popular sorting toy is the shape sorter. You can use a shape sorter to teach your children about shapes, colours, cause and effect relationship and many more. You can start simple by teaching your child the basics of the sorting toy like sorting pieces based on similarities or differences. Once your child is familiar with sorting then you can move on to more advanced subjects like counting and basic numeracy.

Sorting toys are good additions to your child’s toy collection. Sometimes playing the same toys over again would become boring eventually. To keep things interesting and fresh for your child, you can buy an assortment of sorting toys. If your child is into animals, there are sorting toys that come in a form of different animals.


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