Are Stacking Games Worth It?

As parents, we are responsible for our children’s early learning. After all, early learning begins at home. We can always make early learning fun and easy for our children by providing them with the appropriate developmental toys to help them develop essential skills. One good example of developmental toys is the stacking game.

What are stacking games?

Stacking games are essentially stacking toys. The core concept of these games is stacking but it can also provide other challenges. Thes games play like puzzles that provide just the right level of difficulty and challenge suited for little children. Simple challenges are good practice for children to develop their problem solving skills and analytical thinking.

Should you buy a stacking game for your child?

Definitely. These toys are highly recommended. Not only are they fun, they are also good for early development. Your child can play all sorts of games with stacking games to keep things fresh and new. If you cannot decide what toy to buy for your child, you definitely should consider getting her a stacking game.

Choose wooden stacking games

Stacking games are quite popular so you can see a lot of variations out there. These games can be made from wood or plastic. Plastic stacking games are widely available but they are not the most eco-friendly. The only advantage of buying plastic stacking games is that most of them are dishwasher safe which means busy parents will have an easy time cleaning them. That is not to say that wooden stacking games are difficult to clean but cleaning anything with a dishwasher is just convenient.

Production of any items made from plastic is not good for our environment because such production uses an enormous amount of resources and these resources are depleting fast. Choosing wooden stacking games is a good way to set your children on a path of sustainable living.

Another advantage of buying wooden stacking toys is that wood usually does not come with the same toxic chemicals found in plastic toys. BPA or bisphenol-A, phthalates, PVC or polyvinyl chloride are only a few of these harmful chemicals found in most plastic toys. Furthermore, wood has natural antibacterial properties so wooden stacking games do not get dirty easily.

Some wooden stacking games like those with minimalist design can double as a decorative. Eventually, your children will move on to other toys so when this happens you can use their old wooden stacking toys as decorations for their nursery or playroom.

Versatile toys

Some of these games also serve other educational purposes. One such stacking game is Bigjigs Weather Balancing Game. It is a stacking game and at the same time it teaches children about the different kinds of weather.

Other stacking games also come in a form of building blocks. These are fantastic toys that encourage children to build something interesting using their imagination and creativity. Others come with letters of the alphabet printed on the blocks so they can be used for teaching children about letters.


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