Are There Any Benefits of Using Aluminium Free Deodorant?


Benefits of Using Aluminium Free Deodorant

Aluminium salts are a popular ingredient in conventional deodorant as they block sweat glands and thus reduce the amount you sweat. Being as the odour is created when bacteria start breaking down your sweat then stopping the body from sweating is certainly one way to stop the stink.

But when you think about it. Applying a substance that intentionally blocks your pores to prevent a natural bodily function has to be questionable at best. Sweating is one of the ways your body releases toxins so there are undeniably potential health effects to inhibiting this process. And yet none of us (or most of us) don't fancy dripping with sweat and stinking all the time.

This is where aluminium free deodorant comes in. Natural deodorants work in harmony with your body using natural ingredients to keep you dry and smelling fresh.

Possible negative effects of aluminium deodorants

Although the research into the possible negative effects of aluminium in deodorants such as causing cancer and Alzheimer's is hardly conclusive there are still reasons you might not want to be smothering it all over your underarms.

  • Aluminium blocks your pores. Now, this isn't hidden knowledge. It's the reason that deodorant manufacturers use it. But our bodies are designed to sweat and stopping that function on a daily basis for most of our adult lives is unlikely to have positive effects.
  • Aluminium antiperspirants often contain other chemicals such as parabens which have estrogen-like qualities that could mess with the natural balance of the body.


  • It's the aluminium in your deodorant that stains your clothes yellow. Not your sweat.

So if there negative effects of using aluminium are probably nothing to worry about are there benefits of going aluminium free?

We say yes! Allowing your body to function naturally is better. Your body might not be absorbing high levels of aluminium but the salts are acting to clog your pores and disrupting your body's natural processes.

When you switch to an aluminium free deodorant you are allowing your body to sweat. Now, this might not feel like something you are looking for, but given a bit of time, your body will adjust. You will sweat less and natural deodorants still have ingredients that keep you dry.

Natural deodorants are generally better for the planet as well as your underarms. They tend to have recyclable packaging rather than plastic. And they tend to be free of chemicals, cruelty-free, and use sustainable ingredients so you don't have to worry that the amazon is being destroyed to make palm oil for your beauty products.

And finally natural deodorants improve over time as your skin detoxes and you need to use less so you will likely save money and smell better than you ever did with your old antiperspirant.

If you are ready to give natural deodorants a try read up on transitioning to natural deodorants: Armpit detox benefits and how to do it here.