Are Tula Carriers Worth It


There are so many baby carriers available on the market and of course there is a big difference in both price and quality between brands. Tula Ergonomic Carriers are one of the most popular brands for good reason. Tula carriers are made of the highest quality materials and expertly designed to ensure the safety and comfort of baby and carer alike.

Baby wearing is such a wonderful way to bond with your baby and it’s practical too as it allows you to hold your little one close, be hands-free, and not have to worry about bulky pushchairs. Carrying your little one is not only perfect for long walks but great for a trip to the shops or even just wearing them around the house. Babies tend to be happier when being carried and many parents find putting a baby in a carrier is one of the best ways to get them to sleep.

Ergonomic Design

So if you are going to putting in some serious miles and time with the carrier it really is worth investing in one that is made well and designed ergonomically. A good quality carrier like a Tula baby carrier is designed to ensure you are able to achieve proper positioning of your baby, with knees above their hips and their spine and head being properly supported to spread their weight and encourage healthy development.

And it’s not just baby that needs to be comfortable and well supported while you are babywearing. These carriers are designed to be used in toddlerhood aswell which means you can end up carrying babies that are actually quite heavy, far heavier than you would want to carry for much distance without a carrier. Wide padded straps make the Tula comfortable to wear and the waistband is designed to be comfortable and effectively distribute the weight.

Ensuring Safety

Choosing a well known and respected brand such as Tula also ensures high-quality materials have been used to make your baby as safe as possible. These carriers are also beautifully designed so they are easy to use and adjust. Giving you the confidence you need to carry your baby.


Tula carriers are also designed to be used for years, making them an incredibly versatile carrier choice. Both the Free to Grow carrier and the Standard carrier (with insert) can be used from birth so this could be the only carrier you need to buy. Although you may love it so much you decide to extend your babywearing journey by investing in a toddler or pre-school carrier when they do eventually outgrow their first one.

The Free to Grow carrier is especially versatile as it has two different height settings for the back fabric and 3 different width settings allowing it to grow with your baby and making it suitable from birth to around 45lb (20kg) providing they don’t outgrow the height before that point.

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