Armpit Detox: Benefits and how to do it - Transitioning to Natural Deodorant


Armpit detox: Benefits and how to do it - Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

If you are thinking about switching to a natural deodorant and moving away from traditional antiperspirants then you may have come across the term armpit detox. Unlike other forms of detox, this isn’t about pulling toxins from the liver but instead is about restoring your bodies natural balance and breaking reliance on antiperspirant deodorants.

Why make the switch?

There are plenty of scare stories about the possible effects of the aluminium used in most conventional antiperspirants including potential risks to cancer and Alzheimer's.

Looking at the evidence it seems unlikely that you are going to give yourself breast cancer by using antiperspirant, but there are plenty of other chemicals in antiperspirants you are best off avoiding, and when there are great natural alternatives why take the risk.

Plus, blocking your pores to prevent sweating is stopping one of your bodies natural detox processes and so reverting to a more natural approach certainly isn’t going to to do you any harm and might just make you feel better.

And of course there are environmental considerations. All our natural deodorants come in plastic-free packaging and are made in a sustainable way.

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

Sweating may be completely natural, but we’ve been taught that it’s not a good thing. And let’s face it no one wants the first thing people notice about them to be the fact that they smell.

The problem is that if you’ve been suppressing the sweat for years then the likelihood is you’re going to be sweaty and stinky for a few weeks while your body adjusts. Not all people will go through this adjustment period but it’s good to know what to expect as your armpits detox.

The good news is that if you allow your body time to adjust within a few short weeks you’ll experience less sweat and less odour. Applying a natural deodorant will keep you dry and smelling fresh.

Armpit detox: How to do it

The good news here is that all you really need to do to detoxify your pits is to stop using antiperspirant. Your body will do the rest. But there are a few things you can do to help it on its way, speed up the process and make it less stinky.

  • If you can go completely deodorant free for a couple of days. Cooler days where you’re not going anywhere you’ll be worrying about the smell are best for this.

  • Keep your pits clean. Washing regularly will help to remove a build-up of antiperspirant as well as getting rid of bacteria that cause you to smell. A little diluted apple cider vinegar can help with this part of the process.

  • Drink plenty of water. Always a good thing. And dry brush to stimulate the lymph.

  • Keep your natural deodorant close. You’ll probably find you want to apply it a few times a day, to begin with, to keep you dry and feeling fresh while your body adjusts.

The most effective natural deodorants will contain natural ingredients that absorb moisture, manage bacteria, and smell delicious.