Artisans Fair

artisans fairArtisans Fair -  Fairtrade Recycled Homeware

Artisans Fair produce gorgeous handmade throws, cushions, tableware and gifts that are perfect for any home. Curated by Traidcraft, the people behind Fairtrade in the UK, they work with Artisan communities around the globe to develop vibrant, hand crafted products for garden and home. Fairtrade principles ensure each artisan is paid a fair price for their product, while up-cycling, recycling and using natural sustainable materials lowers their environmental impact, Artisans fair focus on Up-cycled, recycled and natural materials as the base for products designed.

With over 35 years experience in helping people in developing countries to transform their lives through fair trade, their wide range of fairtrade products gives us a beautiful selection of coasters, recycled metal key baskets and recycled bicycle chain products which are sure to be popular.

Why we love Artisans fair:

  • Fairtrade Certified

  • Natural materials

  • Fighting Poverty through Trade

  • Recycled products