Baba Me Brand Rep


Applications are open

Our next recruitment is for Brand Reps to work with us for four months from September 2021. Just complete and submit the form below to apply.

What is a Baba Me Brand Rep?

Someone who is passionate about Baba Me and our ethos. If you know and love products and brands that we sell, and understand our desire to help families live in a more planet friendly way. You will be active on one or more social media and marketing platforms and want to share your love of Baba Me with your followers.

What is expected of you?

  • Create and post content featuring products from Baba Me
  • Share your discount code with your followers
  • Agree for your content and photos to be shared and to be used in our own marketing
  • Interact with our posts through likes, comments and shares

What you will get?

  • Personal site wide discount
  • Extra discounts on new products to be launched
  • Gifted products for promotion
  • Exclusive follower discount code
  • 4 month term as a Baba Me Brand Rep
Please add the two numbers
Top Sellers
Jumbo Storage Bag Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Little Lamb Fitted Bamboo Nappy
£11.80   £4.72
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers - Shower Bombs with Essential Oils
£1.95   £1.20
Floral Bath Fizzer : Bath Bombs Fizzers
£2.95   £1.18
Flip Disposable Inserts (18 pack)
£9.50   £2.85
Love Heart Bath Bomb
£2.00   £1.00

NEW ARRIVALS (See all here)

Bigjigs Dinosaur Railway Set
£64.99   £42.24
Lucky Bean Kit - Guatemalan Worry Doll Box
Pachamama frog ear muffs
WH LOT Shop Display Djeco Arty Toys Princess Castle and Figure
£74.50   £29.80

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