Baba Me Bulletin - Issue 2

Posted by Maebh on 4/28/2018 to News
Baba Me Bulletin - Issue 2
  1. It's Reusable Products Week

We have discussed this quite a bit, and if you have not heard about it check out our previous blogs on who, what, where & why. We are using this week to encourage you all to make small steps to sustainability and helping our earth. Whether that is a reusable water bottle, a jute eco shopping bag or even something bigger like switching to reusable nappies, this is the week to make those little changes. And to celebrate we have 20% off everything on our site (excluding sale items, Wobbels & Rubens Barn) to help you make the switch!

2. A Royal Prince was born and named

I guess we should kick off with one of the most famous births of the year, the third baby for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and it was a boy weighing a very respectable 8b 7oz. After a couple of days we were informed that the pundits were wrong, and yes they would reuse a name again and Prince Louis Arthur Charles was presented to the world. In our Baba me buzz groups we had a thread going and I had guessed Arthur Charles so I was nearly there. As Louis was Prince Georges third name I had, wrongly, presumed they would not use it again.  Clearly, I have no idea of Royal baby naming conventions! 

I wonder if they will be getting this baby some new wooden toys. Last time they got a Pintoy Baby Walker. We can’t say where it was purchased from, ahem, but ahem, as we know it's provenance we have no issues trading this in, perhaps this time for an Indigo Jamm Camper Van Walker, our favourite wooden baby walker at Baba Me. Or maybe they will get a Holztiger Sheep Lying, it IS the 2018 toy of the year I hear.

They are old hands at this baby lark now so not much to teach them. As it’s their third baby I would highly recommend they invest in a decent ergonomic baby carrier, essential for running around after toddlers and trying to manage the newborn a the same time. For the newborn stage I love a stretchy wrap, and the Lillebaby tie the knot is the lightest and best out there. Or they could go straight to a buckle carrier, many do from newborn without the need of the oh so annoying newborn insert. If you are considering babywearing and not sure where to start, then either pop into our store for a demo from one of our babywearing consultants (we have no less than 10 on staff!). Or fill in a contact us form and we can give you personalised tailored advice.

It would be very remiss of me, as it is Reusable Products Week, not to point out that I hope they consider cloth nappies. I’m not sure they have, but it would be lovely to think that they care about our environment and the huge damage disposables do. If you are reading this Kate (or William) and are not sure where to start on your journey to cloth, watch one of our introduction videos or simply pop us an email (you should have it on file ;-) ) and we will sort you out…

3. Didn’t she look well

I do feel terribly sorry for Kate, the world media to face hours after giving birth, but wow didn’t she look great. BUT, and this is a huge but, don’t try and live up to this and don’t feel bad for looking or feeling terrible. Say no to guests unless you feel up to it. A lot of pressure is put on modern moms and it's tough. You have just had a baby, you have a right to hang around in pj’s eating chocolate if you so desire! Clearly, poor Kate doesn’t have that option. Can you imagine the reaction if she came out in her pj’s? Instead on St. Georges day she wore a very befitting red and white dress and looked every bit the part she has to play.

Her hair was lush, her hair is always lush, I am super envious. I wonder if she uses organic shampoo? We now stock a wide range of natural shampoos which are SLS free and paraben free. I have always used this and was quite delighted when not long ago my daughter asked me did we stock sulphate free shampoo. Erm yes, why? Oh, a youtuber recommended them. O.Kaaaaay. For years I have had these in my ensuite but they were swiftly rejected as ‘hippy’ stuff. Now one word from some random youtuber and she neeeeds it. Whatever. I have always taken the attitude that my children when they reach a certain age, can make their own decisions regarding this stuff. My job is to inform and educate, not dictate. So yep, told her some in my ensuite and help herself, which she did. The next morning I duly went for my shower and halfway through realised she had taken my natural shampoo out, eek. Never mind I used Mr Baba Me's which was conveniently in the shower. Look, it was very early and pre-caffeine.

That evening I had an itchy scalp and was yapping to him how I didn’t like his shampoo, which appeared to cause some confusion.

Mr. Baba Me : "Err I don’t have any shampoo? Have you seen my head?"

Me: "Oh, well whose was that big bottle marked ‘SHAMPOO’ in our ensuite, strange."

I thought nothing of it and just decided to never use that awful stuff again as my hair just didn't like it.  About an hour later I heard huge roars of laughter from Mr Baba Me coming from our ensuite.

Mr. Baba Me : "So how is the hair.."

Me : "urgh not nice"

Mr. Baba Me : "Oh, I don’t know, it has a lovely shiny coat to it."

Me : "not really"

Mr. Baba Me : "Oh, it's definitely put a wag in your tail…"

Me :"eh?"

Mr. Baba Me : "and you are smelling lovely and fresh, definitely no more odour.."

Me : "eh, rude!"

After about 5 more minutes of such puns as 'want to go walkies' with your new lovely hair… he cracked and showed me ‘his’ bottle of shampoo. Yep, Dog Shampoo. I had washed my hair in dog shampoo and it wasn’t the lovely natural organic dog shampoo we now sell! Somehow, I feel this isn’t what Kate uses..., nor do I feel she gets the dogs washed in her ensuite. 

This happened about the time we had just picked up a new rescue dog, and that was... fun. Georgie, our previous Springer rescue, we felt needed company. So, when we spotted a new Springer rescue in the local pound, Benji, we decided he was perfect for us. And he is. But we have had our moments. They have now finally worked out Georgie is the top dog, it took Benji a while to figure it out. 

Oh, and I've had them both 'done'. It was needed, very needed.  One night we were watching telly and I heard these 'noises' and 'grunts'. I turned to Mr Baba Me and said, erm, that sounds like... it's not... is it? Yes, it was. Did you know dogs masturbate? No neither did I. Benji sitting in his favourite position:

Benji baba me dog

 "STOP MASTURBATING!!!" I screamed at the top of my voice. A little hilarity ensued as my teenage sons cautiously asked from their bedrooms was I talking to them... (Can I highly recommend washable wipes if you are the parent of teenage sons, they are ideal for a myriad of uses!). Again, I bet this is something Kate never had to deal with... 

4. Dark chocolate may give your brain a boost, studies suggest

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord. 
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord

Salted sea flakes tonight I think. Anyone else for a Saturday nibble?

fairtrade chocolate

So very hot off the press it is confirmed that dark chocolate makes you brighter, helps your immune system and your lifts your mood. Whoooop! As parents, this is something we all need (I may send Kate some, though as she clearly doesn't have issues with dog shampoo or teenage dog 'behaviour' I might just keep it for myself!). Fairtrade chocolate is one of the most common Fairtrade products but it still only accounts for a tiny proportion of all chocolate sold in the UK. The Fairtrade Label ensures that the cocoa farmers are not only paid a decent wage for their products but that their community is also paid a premium. The Fairtrade premium is reinvested to improve the community and can be anything from hospitals and healthcare to local schools and education, or even infrastructure. The farmers themselves choose how to spend this premium and it means poorer people in developing worlds get hemp to improve their lives. So, not only will eating some of our chocolate make you brighter it will also give you a satisfying smug glow as you know it's helping lots of people in poorer developing countries.

Fairtrade has evolved over the years and now is just as much about sustainability as the premium, again perfect for this week and Baba Me. The Fairtrade association are working on new innovative programmes to enhance the future for farming communities, such as building resilience to climate changes, which is one of the biggest threats to their livelihoods. They also help them to become organic and to be more efficient. All of the chocolate we sell at Baba Me is Fairtrade or ethical, all are sourced sustainably and most are handmade by chocolate artisans in the UK. We have ensured that we stock a gorgeous range of handmade chocolate which is sustainably and ethically sourced, but most importantly is simply delicious!

  1. Fluff Points are Ending

We have taken the decision to end our Fluff Points Reward system on 30th April. This means the current rewards are ending. If you have 200 points you can currently (up until 30th April) cash them in for a £5 voucher.

If you are short a few points, you can always top up with writing some product reviews for which you currently get 4 points per review. We love product reviews at Baba me as we feel genuine parent reviews are the best way for you to read about our products. I could wax lyrical all day and tell you oh this is great, that is great. But actually, in our Buzz group, I tend to sit back and let our customers respond to the queries. I feel it's a more honest, open and genuine response when you hear from like-minded parents, rather than me, the retailer.

A few people have panicked and are a little irate at the ending of fluff points, however, we are shaking things up. So don’t panic, stay calm, on May 1st something exciting is being revealed! It is different from our current reward system, hence us notifying people about the changes in advance. So if you want to cash in for Baba Me Gift vouchers, this is the weekend to do it!

fluff points going

Or if you just want a chance to win a Baba Me Gift voucher, comment below to tell us which is your favourite chocolate flavour from our ranges.



Hannah Gray
Date: 4/28/2018
I've totally fallen in love with dark chocolate after baba me sent me some as a free gift!! So absolutely delighted to hear it has health benefits ???? Excited to hear about the new system taking iver from fluff points! Onwards and upwards for baba me!! X
Date: 4/28/2018
I am a big fan of Willie’s Cacao, and have probably eaten through 75% of the range! I currently have the brandy apples ones en route! My favourite has to be milk if the stars ?? it’s creamy and very moreish. But the one that impressed me the list was the 100% cacao one (I forget it’s full name). I thought it sounded inedible but it’s wasnt. It was rather good and didnt last long!
Interesting read!
Date: 4/28/2018
No I didn’t know dogs do that?!! Very excited to see what replaces the current fluff points system!
Zoe paskins
Date: 4/28/2018
My dog has done this many times (and in front of guests!) she's too old now though thankfully as I was embarrassed on her behalf!! Chocolate.... I have only tried the divine chocolate from babame but I did gift the dark chocolate and lime a few months back and it was apparently very tasty!! I do love some chocolate though, health benefits is a bonus!! Haha.
Jessica Ashbridge
Date: 4/28/2018
Great blog, I hope Kate is now slouching around in her pj's and able to enjoy her babymoon. I love the rhubarb chocolate and any salted caramel ones.
Date: 4/28/2018
I have only tried Willies Cacao cafe Negro which i have really liked, will be trying out more in the orders to come! I’m really intrigued about things getting ‘shaken up’, I wonder what you have planned!
Niamh ONeill
Date: 4/29/2018
Ha ha I may recommend the reusable wipes to my sisters for her teenage sons!!
Charlie Siddles
Date: 4/29/2018
I'm sorry I couldn't help laugh about the dog shampoo. (it's definitely something I would do) now I've seen salted sea flakes get brought up I may need some 6am to early? May need to go rummage in the cupbard to see if I can find some.
Emily Darnley
Date: 4/29/2018
I love this blog, very true to life!?? I would have to say that the dark chocolate and lime is my favourite, it is definitely a ‘hide it away from the kids’ treat!??
Sarah Joseph
Date: 4/29/2018
My next job is to look through the shampoos you sell as I don’t like to use sulfates or silicones on my kids hair. I had to try hard not to laugh out loud reading about the dog shampoo as the baby was asleep on me.
Ciara Cowan
Date: 4/29/2018
Willie's cacao raspberries and cream has to be my favourite although to be fair I haven't managed too many others as I love the taste and the creamy lushness of this one and usually faff about deciding should I try another flavour but usually end up with it in my basket. And while I'm not the girliest of girls the fact that it's also a shocking pink really does make me happy when I'm eating it!!
Kirsty Leckenby
Date: 4/29/2018
Dog shampoo story haha, so funny! I love the salted caramel chocolate bar and my OH loves the chilli choc. Looking forward to seeing what's new on 1st May!
Caroline Devlin
Date: 4/29/2018
Oh no Benji! ????? mmm salted caramel by Choc Affair! Love that the caramel taste is in the chocolate rather than actual caramel. Didn’t realise I was funny about textures until I tried these bars! ??
Rebecca jones
Date: 4/29/2018
Mango white chocolate was to die for ??????
Carol KITE
Date: 4/29/2018
There was such a social media outburst re how the DoC looked hours after birth- she was dammed for presenting an unreal picture of motherhood post birth, dammed for showing her recently emptied belly and would have been dammed if she had looked a mess or had decided not to appear outside the hospital. Think it is worth remembering we are all different, we have different experirnces of pregnancy and birth, all have different levels of support around us, we have different values BUT we are all trying to do our best as mothers in our own circumstances......... let's hope away from the media eyes she now gets the down time she deserves, and can get to know her new baby in her own way.
Elizabeth Earle
Date: 4/29/2018
I'm making a concerted effort to drastically cut down on waste and use of single use plastic etc. I'm so pleased it's becoming the norm to recycle and that reusable cups and food containers are now used by so many. My hope is that it will be mainstream very soon and that everyone will understand that it's everyone's responsibility to keep the planet clean and healthy xx
Sam moriarty
Date: 4/29/2018
I’m yet to taste any of your chocolate, kids are always the ones getting stuff! The sea salt one I think sounds the most delicious to me. Shall definitely add that to my next order. Very sad about fluff points I didn’t even get my first voucher (just under the amount) look forward to seeing what replaces though!
Date: 4/29/2018
This bulletin gave me a great laugh!! I'm still laughing at your dog though!!! ?? My favourite chocolate is salted caramel. Yummy!!!
Alison Storrie
Date: 4/29/2018
Deffo the salted caramel, mom mom mom.
Rachel Johnson
Date: 4/29/2018
My favourite flavour from the great selection you stock is the peach and raspberry one.
anna hunter
Date: 4/29/2018
I loved the blackcurrant chocolate but eagerly awaiting the dark chocolate and sea salt xxx
Julie Jones
Date: 4/29/2018
Such a fun blog - good Sunday morning reading. Love your products, especially the Wobbel and your wooden tot ranges.

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