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BabaBing set out to do changing bags with a difference. Whilst everyone was focusing on the moms changing bags, they did what they know best. Brought out a fantastic neutral changing bag that was more geared towards the dads and had plenty of fantastic features. Everything from a super soft changing mat to put the baby on when out and about, to plenty of room for nappies and wipes. They even have loads of room for reusable nappies and cloth wipes! The bags will sit comfortably behind all your prams or pushchairs, even the umbrella stroller type ones, whatever you take your baby out in! Their portable bing bags are also great for when out and about in just a car seat. The pockets have insulated bottle holders and plenty of room for any soft toys you also carry! Make journeys much easier with Bababing changing bags!

Having won numerous awards for the Bababing changing bag, they then went on to put their design skills great use by creating a wide range of baby products from high quality high chairs and baby bouncers. Complete with safety harnesses and head hugger, their bouncer chair has fun icons on it to keep baby amused when on their rocker.

As they say, bada bing bada boom or as we say, bababing baby yes!

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Baba Bing Day Tripper City Changing Bag-Black
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Baba Bing Day Tripper Lite Midnight Blue
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Baba Bing Day Tripper Deluxe Satchel-Berry
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