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Toys & Accessories for Babies & Toddlers

We have the perfect toys to make playtime fun. From rattles and ride-ons to stacking toys, puzzles, and accessories - we've got something for everyone! Our baby and toddler toy collections are educational as well as entertaining. Toys like stacking toys and puzzles encourage problem-solving skills while sorting toys teach kids how to count.

What better way to spend time with your child than by playing together? We have a large selection of quality toys that will provide hours of entertainment. Browse our toy collection today and find your child’s favourite toy!


We know that as your child grows, their needs change. That's why we offer a wide range of toys for babies and toddlers. From the time they are born to when they become toddlers, our products will help them grow and learn in ways that are most appropriate for their age group.

Our baby and toddler toys are designed to entertain and help with sensory development. These toys come in a wide range of bright colours, shapes, textures and some produce sounds. They can explore new skills like grasping or stacking while having fun at the same time! And because these toys encourage development through playtime, you don't have to worry about any extra work on your end - just sit back and watch them learn!

Bigjigs Spikey Sensory Light Ball
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Grimms Grasping Toy Bead Ring
Grimms Wankel
Heimess Touch ring hedgehog with pearls
Heimess Touch ring rainbow lenses
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