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Our customer service and in store team have a wealth of experience and training to help you find the best carrier for you and your baby. Baby slings or baby carriers come in many styles from lots of different brands. A baby carrier can be in the form of a fabric wrap, a ring sling or a soft structured baby carrier and we think all these types of baby sling have their place.

With ten trained babywearing consultants on staff, all schooled by Trageschule and or Slingababy, it isn't a surprise that we are trusted by new parents to help them when it comes to carrying their newborn safely. Whether in the shop, or online, our consultants are ready to help, support and advise you on your babywearing journey. We are asked on a daily basis for advice on how to carry a newborn, so we hope this blog will help you with your little one!

Wrap carriers are essentially just a long piece of fabric that you tie around your body to wrap baby, allowing you to hold your baby close while keeping your hands free for other things. Babywearing is great for you and your baby, it provides closeness and security giving them constant contact for newborns and babies in an upright position, with a great view of the world. Suitable from birth carrier slings are definitely on our list of best baby buys and would make a perfect baby shower gift for new parents. 

We've done our research to find the best baby wraps and baby slings on the market. Whether you are looking for a ring sling, something to wrap baby in hot weather or the best baby carriers that allow for multiple carrying positions we have a great range of baby slings for every lifestyle. 


Are baby carriers safe for newborns?

The short answer to this question is yes. Although it's important to make sure the baby carrier you have is suitable for the size and weight of your baby. Some carriers will require a newborn insert for example if you wish to carry from birth. Just make sure your baby's airway isn't being restricted.

Is a forward facing carrier bad for baby?

Providing your baby has good head control, usually around 6 months plus, and your baby carrier keeps their hips in a healthy position then forward facing baby carrying is fine for short periods of time. Just be aware that babies can easily become over stimulated by new surroundings so switch them back to face you if they begin to fuss or if they are getting tired. 

Are baby carriers bad for babies hips?

A good ergonomic baby carrier is perfectly safe for babies hips and in fact will keep babies hips in the same position used if hip dysplasia were to be diagnosed. However carriers that leave legs dangling and have all the weight on the groin are not optimal for hip development.

Is it safe to wear a baby carrier while pregnant?

Yes. The good news is that babywearing is safe while you're pregnant, providing of course that you haven't been given any medical advice against physical activity. Just make sure you choose the most comfortable carrying position and listen to your body. As your bump grows you will probably be more comfortable back carrying. And be considerate to the fact that you will tire more quickly when pregnant. 

With the best baby carriers, you can enjoy carrying your baby close. This makes a wonderful gift for a new mum and baby Customer services can help you out or give a gift card if you're not sure which to buy..


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