Baby Carrier Types

Baby Sling

Carrying your baby close in a baby sling gives you two free hands to carry out everyday tasks or help your older children.

A ring sling is a simple piece of material, either stretchy or woven, which has rings stitched into it so it can be securely fastened (similarly to a child's canvas belt). Once you have set the sling up to fit you and baby comfortably it can be slipped on and off easily and requires only minimal adjustment. A wrap carrier is a long piece of fabric that you tie around you and a very versatile way to carry your child.

Ring slings and wraps are available either using stretchy jersey material or woven cotton, wool, silk or linen and in a range of colours and patterns.

Ring Slings and Sling Baby Carriers

A ring sling or sling baby carrier is a great addition to your parenting journey. Slings and wraps are essentially just a long piece of fabric that allow you to carry your baby hands free. A gorgeous baby carrier is certainly a thing of beauty but more than that it's about keeping your baby close while still being able to use your hands. 

Types of Baby Sling Carrier

Check out social media and pinterest or search google and you will realise there's an almost infinite number of baby slings available on the market and it can be confusing to know which one is best for you and your baby. We've picked the best brands to narrow down your search and have babywearing experts on hand to guide you and provide tips and advice.

As mentioned above the benefits of babywearing are many and varied from helping with hip dysplasia to strengthening the parent baby bond. But you need to find a carrier or wrap that suits you or you won't end up using it and where's the point in that.

Woven Wrap

A woven wrap is probably the most traditional type of baby carrier or sling, they have been used to carry babies all over the world for centuries. Made from beautiful, soft and sturdy fabric these wraps can be used for babies and toddlers and are suitable for front, back and side carrying. The weight is spread across your shoulders to give support and a comfortable carry. 

Proper tying can take a bit of practice but you'll soon get the hang of it. You might find you want a light weight breathable fabric if you plan to wear baby in the summer months or adventuring in hot climates. 

Stretchy Wrap

A stretchy carrier is a wide strip of stretchy material perfect for newborn babies. Like the moby wrap or boba wrap our hana wrap and lillebaby stretchy are ideal for new babies and babywearing beginners. You simply tie the wrap around your body to create a safe, secure pouch (don't worry we've made a youtube video to show you how), and place baby in. There's no need to untie when you take your little one out so these are great for use around the house or out and about shopping etc. 

Babies weight is spread between your shoulders and hips and the fabric is used to create a healthy, natural m shape carrying position that supports babies hips, back, neck, shoulders and head.

Plus with a bit of practice stretchy wraps are also easy to adjust for breastfeeding. 

Baby K'Tan

Baby k'tan baby carriers original are a baby wrap carrier without the wrap. The k'tan baby carriers are made from soft natural 100 percent cotton and unlike many stretchy baby carriers or ring slings they are pre-tied meaning you choose by size to fit the wearer. 

Easy to use you simply place baby 

Ring Slings

Ring slings create a pouch allowing babies to sit comfortably in front of you or on your hip. There are no complicated tying techniques to learn and once you've set it up to fit your body and your infant only small adjustments are needed. The weight of the child keeps the wrap in place and you can quickly pop them in out which is ideal if you have a new baby to hold and older children to look after or just need two hands.

Suitable from birth ring slings are easy to adjust to support baby's head while breastfeeding, so they are ideal for nursing mums. And they can be used for older children too. They are generally made from cotton or linen fabric meaning they are breathable, comfortable and can be worn in all seasons. 

Buckle Carriers

Soft structured carriers are somewhere between baby slings and rucksack carriers and probably come top of the list when most people think baby carrier. They have a structured waistband and shoulder straps making them comfortable to wear and are east to adjust between care care givers. 

It's important to be aware of babies health when choosing structured carriers and make sure the fabric that creates the seat is wide enough that it comes knee to knee and therefore doesn't put pressure on infants groin and hips. 




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